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Thread: Saddest moments in gaming history

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    Default Saddest moments in gaming history

    When I say Saddest moments, I do mean in game experiences, for instance, Aeris Death scene in FF7.

    Mine so far would be in Kings Field 2
    Finding Lyn (Lyn was the main characters best friend in childhood) dead after finding the note that she had went ahead to garan to find her father (she was looking for her father the whole game) since that was the last place she heard he would be (garan is a very very hard spot, I got killed like 3 times in the area)
    but yes, she was dead, and I nearly cried D:

    Whats yours? (Explain that stuff so we can understand why it is sad, much like how I explained Lyn)

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    The Darkness. When Johnny's girlfriend gets killed, but the saddest part is the ending, where you see here one last time. I love that part so much. I love that game

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    Super Mario Bro's 3 for the NES at the very ending. It took me a very long time to beat the game and I was really excited to finally free the princess. I went into the room and saw the princess and was like "yes, I win!" and she said "Sorry, your princess is in another castle..." Time froze for me. Then she said "Haha, just kidding." I nearly broke my tv!

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    Call of Duty. Most of them but especially 4.

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    Aeris dieing in Final Fantasy 7
    Damn you, I was just about to finish the game too D=

    Probably the end of Call of Duty... all of them in the series. Usually at the end everyone but you die.

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    Zelda Windwaker when the king of hyrule killed himself to kill gannon and to save you and zelda by flooded his own kingdom. He had a very solemn look on his face as the water crashed down on top of him.

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    Okay, so this isn't a 'boo hoo' sad moment.. And it isn't a cut-scene either, but I feel it's worth mentioning..

    I'm playing the online game Mabinogi with my friend. (He made an account called Fuzzybabyjesus on here, but decided it wasn't for him, even if there are furs on here.)

    I'm brand new at this game, but have recently managed to kill a large yellow-looking spider.

    So when he takes me into this dungeon, and I see a very SIMILAR looking large yellow-ish spider, I grin and type, "I got it!"

    Well, as it turns out, the enemy that I fought before was a giant SpiderLING.

    And this enemy was a giant SPIDER.

    So, naturally, my friends reaction is to go, "Wait, don't!" as he tries to run up to get in front of me.

    I'm running toward the spider... One nanosecond and a shaky screen later, I'm flying across the dungeon and slamming into the wall. Naturally, I crumple down to the ground, dead..


    To this day, we act that scene out with awesome body motions, and wish that we'd recorded it.

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    The Tower of Salvation in Tales of Symphonia...

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    I don't want to go into spoilers or anything, since I don't know that it would've been as widely played as a lot of the other games on this thread, but pretty much anything from the last half of Shadow Hearts: Covenant. Especially the scene where Yuri gets to talk to a certain character from the first game. And the story of the villain from the second half of the game, and the level of respect and friendship even between that character and Yuri, even as they prepared to go into battle with one another.

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