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Thread: Looking for input on three different options

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    Default Looking for input on three different options

    So Spring break is coming very soon for me and I will have a chance to order some online and be here to get the package without any trouble. So I basically have it narrowed down to 3 different choices. Abena X-Plus, Abena Super, or Dry 24/7. I want a thick diaper but relatively quiet so that once Spring break is over I can still possibly wear when someone else is home. I'm planning on buying a case but would like any information anyone can offer up.
    Some specifics would be nice mainly about the size of the bags (dimension wise) I don't have a whole lot of room to hide them but will figure it out.

    Some specific things ive read mixed reviews about are the thickness and absorbency of all three.

    Based on your experiences can you sort them on several differnt criteria?
    Thickness, Absorbency, Noise Level, and anything else you can think of.

    Super: 88 for $86.95
    X-Plus: 36 for $57.95
    Dry: 72 for $75

    Any input would be nice, Break starts Friday for me so the sooner I get the more time I have to enjoy. Thanks for any help.

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    The thickest would be the x-plus and they would also be the most absorbant, the next would be the Dry24-7, though the issue with them is the color more than anything(purple for large, blue for medium) in my opinion, i wouldnt bother with the supers, the drys are much better value for the money.

    Have you thought of the abena extra? better than the super but not as thick as the x-plus so you can wear them around better.

    None of them were to loud overall, really depending on what you wear them under, the x-plus would show the most due to overall bulk.

    Hope this helps.

    All 3 bag size is about the same 12x18x10 ish, you would get 4 bags of super, 3 bags of x-plus and i believe 4 bags of dry 24-7
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    Thanks for the input, how does the bag size compare to the bag size of the large depends fitted max. I dont know why but im just having trouble picturing those dimensions. The color on the drys isnt a problem for me. Right now thats what im leaning towards is the Drys partly because of the number I would get and from what I can tell they ship from New York so it will only really take 1 day to get to me. Instead of waiting 4 days to get abenas delivered from california. Can anyone confirm they would ship from New York I just kind of remember seeing a New York address on their site somewhere but cant find it now. and again thanks for any info you guys/girls can offer up.

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    The Drys will get to you quick, I live in NH and they were here in 2 days, I do not think that you would have to wait long for them. As in relation to the Depends back, I believe they are a bit larger by a few inches in all directions. However not to much more maybe 3 inches max on any side.

    Here is your confirmation of their address:

    Dry Care
    1425 37th street
    Suite 613
    Brooklyn, NY, 11218


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    I just had spring break... and it snowed the whole time! It sucked! If there was school we would have had a snow day.

    I've always wanted to try Dry 24/7 so I'd go for that.

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    dont know about anybody else but i always have problems with the tapes ripping off of the back wings on abena xpluses.........kinda sucks because they are super absorbent and comfortable!

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    K well I have decided that out of the 3 options I'm going with the Dry 24/7s. Right now I am trying to muster up the nerve to order them. It turns out I might have to deal with one person being home when they are delivered. Most likely she will be asleep and it won’t be a problem but not sure if I want to risk it. But I have already psyched myself up for these already so I think I am just going to order them then deal with it when they get here. Just one last question, well I think the last one, when you order from them do they only send the case of diapers and no other mail? My only previous online ordering attempt was when I ordered from DMP and got a sample pack but while the shipping was discreet about 5-7 days after I got the package I get a letter with my name on it and their logo. It was the receipt for my purchase. I was slightly confused by this because they already gave me one in the package, and that one letter almost screwed me over.
    So long story short (kinda late now) will they ship anything else besides the one case of diapers? and thanks blue for the address conformation

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    I have ordered from Dry 24/7 before. I never got any other mail from them besides the order. I cant say it this is the exception or the norm, but thats just my experience. Hope this helps.

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    I order from Dry 24/7 for LuvsGurl on a semi-regular basis. They always ship quickly and discreetly... never had any problems with them.

    Just watch out... their Small/Mediums (blue) are cut a bit small... so if you have a waist in the 34-38" range they may be tight on you. The Medium/Large (purple) are cut like a normal large diaper.

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    i had some fitment problems as mentioned by darkfinn above. I have about a 33" waist and the blue (small/medium) felt a little tight on me, yet the purple (med/large) was too big. Have Abena X-Pluses right now and i like em, although they are pretty thick and can't see them as being discrete.

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