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    Default ACT scores

    What did you all get? Any memebers who got low scores and are currently in or have graduated college, did it make a big diffenrence? I ended up getting a 17. I feel like a total failure now and that everything is over with now.

    I think now I am going to try to find rich and powerful people to make friends with so I can get anything I want in life now.

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    Well, you probably don't want to see my score. (It is a lot higher)
    But, to address your situation, retake the test if you have time and the motivation to study more. However, there are many good colleges that will accept a 17; you just have to figure out what you want to accomplish.

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    There are prep courses you can take that will help you with the test. I think alot of kids don't take this as seriously as they need to. The good thing is that you can take it again.

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    I haven't taken the ACT yet. I was thinking about taking it this summer, not sure.

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    I didn't take the test at all and I'm already in graduate school (I'll have my MS in May). If you don't do well on the ACT, try the SAT. Usually you only need to provide one or the other.

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    People put way too much emphasis on these things. I recommend that you take a prep course and then take it again. If you still don't do well, enroll in community college after high school. It's a lot cheaper than a four year college, and you'll be preparing yourself for taking the ACT again. Finish an associates degree, take the ACT, and then finish up your degree at a four year college. There's no rush, and one bad ACT performance is just that: ONE performance.

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    I agree with Harris, but I would suggest one other option. You could do a 2/2 split of community college and a larger public/private university. As he said, one ACT performance is one performance. I know a friend who got the same thing 4 times, and another who improved by 2 each time. I took both the ACT and the SAT, and found the SAT to be a little easier.

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    Quote Originally Posted by harris View Post
    People put way too much emphasis on these things
    QFT. I know some people who scored way higher on the SAT than I did and then flunked out. Don't take the score too seriously.

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    I got a 31 after 4 tries. Especially if it's your first try, don't get discouraged. Generally you can get up about 5 points or so if you work hard at it. Perhaps you were unfamiliar with the test setup, or were tired?

    Just keep taking it until you get a score you want.

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