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Thread: I got furry ears, how do I clean them?

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    Default I got furry ears, how do I clean them?

    Hey guys, I just went to Tekkoshocon this weekend, and it was awesome! Anyways I got these Orange furry Fox/Cat ears (more like Fox ears) over this weekend at the con and they just got a little dirty. I'm going to post pictures to show what they look like, I'm really not sure of the material, but the site says it's fleece. So any ideas on how I should clean these, I really like them and I don't want to ruin them while trying to clean them.

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    If you don't know, just do spot cleaning for now. But they're probably machine washable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Colonel Brome Teks View Post
    But they're probably machine washable.
    NO NO NO NO NO! That will destroy them!

    Just spot clean, to get out stains use an old tooth brush.

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    Hey thanks for the guys, I'll spot clean them with a toothbrush, should I just use soap because it's only the right ear that needs cleaning (I'm not really sure how to spot clean even after looking it up, but I'm guessing I wet it with water from a paper towel and clean it with soap using a toothbrush, but should I use the soap and toothbrush first?) I kinda don't want to screw this up. :P

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    Hmm good to know. I haven't had to clean mine yet - but they're black, so how would I know, anyway

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