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    Default Cloth Diaper Sizing

    I've been using disposables for quite a while...

    My question is how do you determine the size you need for cloth diapers and for plastic pants.... Do you use your regular pant size or do you need to order a larger size (esp for the plastic pants)?

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    If you are ordering from a company, order by your waist/hip/leg size for both the diapers and plastic pants.

    I would suggest only ordering one of each at first to see how you like them.

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    In an ideal world order just one of the style and size you think will be best for both the cloth diaper and waterproof pants.

    Generally waterproof pants work best when they are loose all over. The leg elastic should not bind, just barely snug. The waist elastic can be even looser, since the idea is to tuck the extra pants material into the top of the cloth diaper. Of course this means the pants need to be long enough they come more than 2 inches (50mm) above the waist of the cloth diaper all the way around.

    You need to wash cloth diapers several times so they shrink before testing them for size. For women the hip size is the important factor, but for men use either waist or hips, whichever is larger. Be sure cloth diapers, after shrinking, are long enough they reach above the hips so they stay in place once wet.

    Contour cloth diapers can be slimmer, but with these the leg holes, hip and waist plus the rise need to be just right after shrinking.

    The advantage to using pinned flat cloth diapers is that each time you pin those on you can adjust the fit.

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    What they said above about diapers is good, but I use pull-on style cloth diapers. I take the general waist size I need and order that size (my pull-ons are from Babykins in Canada, but adult size). I don't believe the Kins pull-ons shrink very much. I also don't have to worry about diaper pins.

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