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Thread: Would you take your child to a AB/DL gathering

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    Default Would you take your child to a AB/DL gathering

    I'm curious, how many of you would actually take your kids to a AB/DL gathering?

    The one I go to, it's just normal. People talk and visit, some bring their video games and they play but there are some who walk around in their diapers or in their adult baby clothes. Is that right for a kid to see that?

    I'm just asking because I one time saw a lady arrive at the gathering for a few minutes with her toddler and he saw us. The kid didn't even look confused. He showed no reaction.

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    I certianly wouldn't. I think because that for some people *B/DLism is a sexual thing, it's just wrong. Yes maybe a toddler is too young to remember, or to care, but I just coulndn't do it.

    Like babies; you can't swear in front of them, but it's not like they understand it, right?

    Uhm, so no, no i wouldnt not.

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    Of course not. No more than I would consider taking a kid to a porn expo or any such event.

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    Umm....this thread reminds me of the "wear around your child while potty training" thread... sickening, and hell no is my answer.

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    I'm going to shake it up a bit, and say yes, *depending on the event.*

    If it's a diaper event where people will be dressed as babies, then absolutely not. However - if my child is a toddler or younger, and it was a meeting at a restaurant, and it was said that you are to dress in normal attire, then I don't see why not. If the child doesn't understand what's being discussed, what's the harm? I can name several times where inappropriate things have been discussed in front of toddlers, so I don't see how an ABDL event (where it was strictly discussion, nothing else) could be harmful, or anymore harmful than other discussions.
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    It would be funny if the toddler was wearing underpants and a suit and a tie, being the only "adult" there.

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    event's like that are for adults, and having children at them, seems inappropriate to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valentine View Post
    Not unless my kid was over 18 and an AB/DL.
    Nailed it in one.

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