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Thread: who else is up at 3 am tonight

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    Default who else is up at 3 am tonight

    I just cant seem to relax myself....

    i read untill 12
    spaced out like i would in a car for 3 hours... but didnt seem to fall asleep
    and now i cant make my body relax

    gawd damn it >< and tomorrow im in graphic design classes all day

    to top it all off my body is playing tricks on me
    at like 9 pm i almost vomited twice... so i put a lined basket next to my bed
    im still quessy but i figured if it hasnt happened yet im going to school...not that sick etc.
    but NO when i move the trash basket i ALMOST puke again >< but i cant puke i can only ALMOST puke... so i dun feel good :[

    im wondering what to do w/ myself for the next two hours soooooo
    who else is on? and whatch ya doin
    you can talk about ANYTHNG IN THIS THREAD

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    Dude, join the club. I felt odd, almost sick around 12ish, and didn't get to sleep until around 5ish, and I had to wake up and go to school at 6...Well, okay. I stayed up playing Call of Duty....My bad.

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    lol that was so not fun last night

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    On a perfectly good Saturday night I can play Fallout 3 till dawn. Otherwise, I go to bed at 11-12.

    Tuesdays and Thursdays are generally more relaxed, as I don't have to get up until 8 the following day.

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    I'm nearly always up at 3 am, I have trouble getting to sleep recently...

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    I'm always up all night cause it's hard for me to sleep after work. I have too much energy and it causes me to keep going and going until I am tired enough to sleep.

    I've always had problems with sleep, and nowadays it seems to be a bit worse. I dunnknow... not gonna worry about it.


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