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Thread: Drinking and diapers

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    This seems to be a popular logo lately

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Though it seems to be getting used for "man-showers" mostly. Regardless, I love that logo:

    "Beer and Diaper Party"? where? sign me up!

    (when I tried to paste this image, it cries about the file extension being wrong, and when I try a google image search to find a jpeg alternative, it says...
    "Best guess for this image: above ground pool steps"

    uh, okay?

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    Drinking and Diapers is better and safer than Drinking and Driving!

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    when drunk I always need a diaper on. Drinking at the club and having to walk home I will not make it and hance wear a diaper cause I was once caught relieving myself in a garden at night and had to go to court over the matter.

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    It's definitely a nice convenience to have a diaper when drinking. It beats going to the bathroom every ten minutes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ClandestineWing View Post
    It's definitely a nice convenience to have a diaper when drinking. It beats going to the bathroom every ten minutes.
    Nothing like a diaper to help hold your liquor ,will moonshine soaked SAP hurt you ?

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    For me, getting drunk enough that I have trouble walking helps me feel little. But it takes a lot to get me to that point. I won't do that more than once every 2 weeks, though, because I don't want to become an alcoholic.

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    First.... One should always be careful not to drink in excess or become addicted to it. It is a very real and very dehabilitating disease when one gets addicted.

    Having said this... Drinking alcohol certainly does increase the need to urinate and when combined with an intoxicated state can often lead to involuntary wetting and temporary incontinence.

    But it is as if playing a game of Russian roulette. You have a loaded gun here, and it is a gamble as if you might be hurt from it.

    My recommendation is not to use alcohol as a means of feeling incontinent or in a situation where you need to pee. There are much healthier means of doing so. Even just drinking a lot of water will make you need to pee. Water is a heck of a lot more healthier and a lot less problematic than alcohol in making one have to go. I have personally fallen into this trap before and while yes, I have found I have involuntarily wet the bed or my diapers, I have suffered the consequence the next day of a wasted day due to having a headache, feeling sick, or just regretting the whole experience.

    Got water??? Drink it!!!

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    ^^^^ I love doing that also, I usually drink a large bottle of Gatorade then keep refilling it with water, believe me, your body hits a certain tipping point and you actually just start getting a trickle here and there, but almost all the time and its the best & healthiest.

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