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Thread: Best Wipes?

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    Default Best Wipes?

    I don't know if this has been discussed already or not, but for those of you who use wipes, what do you consider to be the best store-bought wipes?

    Also, if you can give reviews (or experience) with wipes that would be great.

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    I use "Wet Ones" which come in a 40-sheet dispenser can in several fragrances. I like these better than the Cottonelle or Scotts wipes which dispense from a box; those dry out more readily.

    I am not sure whether they can be flushed or not; I don't flush them (I keep them in the plastic bag that the used diaper goes into, until I can throw the bag into the trash).

    It also helps to use a cream or ointment on your skin areas that get exposed when you use your diaper. I have several different kinds, for different moods. I sometimes use baby powder or Gold Bond Medicated powder, too.

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    I just buy the cheapest ones. However I did buy some lavender scented pampers wipes and they were pretty good.

    But really most wipes are just thick, moist toilet paper. In anycase wipes are much better then toilet paper I think and some company's are now producing them in larger sizes for adult use and those ones are flushable I think. So it's not only use that still use baby wipes. :P

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    Me I use pampers baby wipes nice touch got nice smell to them .

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    We use store brand ones from Wal-mart. They work well for our purposes.

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    CVS Soft Cloths Supreme Scented. Pampers tend to dry out before I use them up and the Stop & Shop ones tear.

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    Pampers Baby Fresh in a Munchkins Glow wipe warmer. Best 20 bucks I ever spent for that warmer.

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    I use either huggies wipes, or, the wet, but not messy part of my diaper. It works really well and is one less thing I have to buy or carry around.

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    A warm, wet terry washcloth.

    I bought a whole bale of them from a dollar store.

    Go, green movement!

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