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Thread: A question about literature, of sorts.

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    Default A question about literature, of sorts.

    I read. I read quite a bit. So when I discovered people wrote stories about this particular interest we all have in common, I was quite interested, and began to delve into the stories almost immediately, emerging after a long period of searching without much success. You see, My question is about the choices people make when writing literature, and a large trend I've noticed, and been curious about.

    Why is it that the majority of the stories have a lot more focus on there being a Mother and a 'Child' (Regardless of what the age actually is)? It's rare for me to find stories involving a Father and son combination...

    Either way, please feel free to voice your opinions on the subject here...

    Posted in Mature because... I'm not entirely sure. >.> Let's all be civil?

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    The mother is usualy the person who cares for us while we're growing up, so it's natural that we'd have a bigger emotional connection to her than to our fathers. When we write we put pieces of ourselves into our stories: our feelings, our desires, ect, so much so that the characters we create are based off of people we know in real life. So your character's mom in your story may be based off of your own mom.

    And there are *BDL stories out there where the father is the dominant parent. Abby, if I'm not mistaken, wrote some stories like that. I'd imagine because of the emotional impact her own father had on her, but I can't speak for her so you'll have to ask her. For me personaly, my father was a jackass, so in almost every story I write the father is usualy absent completely or is the villain.

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    I guess that's just what most people want to read about, and so when they create their own stories, that's what they write about.

    For example, I wouldn't write a story about a father and son combination, because I am a girl, and so in my stories I need to relate to someone in it, either a women as a 'mommy' or a 'little girl'.

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    I would say it's because as a child we connect more to the parent of the opposite sex.(Freud)

    So considering that most of the practitioners of infantilism are men the mother of the relationship would be the most likely choice to do the care giving. There are son father stories out there just not many.

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    As with what Chillhouse said, most of the time people are more emotionally connected to their mothers than their fathers. Father figures tend to be strict and callous, and much more domineering than mother figures. As such, father figures are less believable when it comes to a diaper-oriented punishment, opting instead for more traditional punishments, especially when you take into account the amount of guys who try to avoid changing their own babyís diapers, let alone their own teenager/young adultís diapers. Much as Chillhouse says, this is the main reason why father figures are strangely absent from the stories that I write.

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    I'd take a totally different spin on this and come in from a completely different idea.

    To many, there's a sexual drive with wearing diapers, being babied and submissive. With that being said, I'd also go on to say that the majority of guys on this site are straight males. So naturally a guy would levitate towards the feminine touch for the stories, seeing as I, as many other straight guys, would not care to have a guy's hands anywhere near.. me.

    I tend to write my stories with m/f relationships. I'm not a girl myself (and I'm pretty sure the majority of the members on this site are males), so I can't quite get the feel for f/f relationships. And being straight, I shudder at the thought of m/m relationships. Especially with the stigma of an older male that's anywhere near an older male is automatically considered a rapist in our society.

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