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    Hi I'm a teen in nj and I haven't always been into wearin a diaper I haven't worn one yet but I want to I just can't get them. Nobody knows I like them.I'm not sure what else to say so ill end it here.

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    Welcome to Adisc!

    Do you have any more interests?

    Judging from your username, I'd guess you're into some sort of motorsports

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    Hi and welcome to the site. I think you can get a lot of information from this site which will help you to understand yourself. I grew up in New Jersey, so welcome from another Jersey resident.

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    Welcome to ADISC, mitchymoto : )

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    Read up on our Wiki pages about acquiring diapers if you really want to get your hands on some.

    Anyways, welcome to ADISC, hope ye enjoy posting here.


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    Don't worry, a lot of people have trouble with their greetings.

    You could tell us about yourself, or your hobbies, or something like that.

    Enjoy the site!

    --The Silent Assassin--

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    Welcome! Just look at the wiki about getting diapers. It takes time and willpower but you will be doing it in notime. Enjoy the site and i hope that you can find valuable information about the lifestyle of *b/dlism.

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