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Thread: Best way to diaper yourself

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    Default Best way to diaper yourself

    now, much as it sucks, i dont have anyone to diaper me except myself, so even though iv been wearing for quite awhile, i feel like im not putting my diapers on right. no, i dont mean they somehow wind up on my head :P
    I just mean that sometimes they dont feel like they fit right, and ive tried several sizes of my current brand.

    So, does anyone have worked out a good, detailed, step-by-step process for 4 tape adult diapers?

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    I lay down in bed, putting the diaper under me beforehand. I position myself so about half is visible, then I just bring it up and do the bottom two tapes first, then the top two.

    Sorry I can't be more detailed, but that's just how I do it, and it seems to work.

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    Laying down is easier. Here goes:

    1) Lay diaper out flat.
    2) Place butt on diaper and position so back waist line of diaper is above hips.
    3) Pull front of diaper up between legs and center over your belly.
    4) Open first lower tape and place on front of diaper while pulling leg gather snug on front of diaper. Make sure tape is pointing down towards your crotch, not up towards your belly. Repeat for the second lower tape. Don't pull too tight or it will be uncomfortable or tear the diaper.
    5) Open the first top tape and place on front of diaper while pulling snug on front waist panel area. Make sure the tape is pointing upwards or at least straight across. Repeat for second upper tape. Don't pull to tight or the tape will break or the diaper might tear.
    6) Optional middle tape. Attach last so diaper fits snug, but not too tight.

    See also:

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    I usually do this while I am standing. What I do is that because I am wearing a Tranquility ATN at this moment and the way they made the leak guard and positioned it I have to take a special step so that my anatomy does not have sores on it how ever with the Secure X-Plus ones this step is not a factor any more.

    1. Remove the old diaper and clean your self properly.
    2. Unfold fresh diaper and spread open the leak guards so that they are pointing outward.
    3. position the diaper so that half is behind you and the other half is in front of you.
    4. Bring it up to your diaper area and prior to taping make sure that the leg gathers are adjusted properly so it contours to your crotch joint area and that the edge of the leg with outer edge pointing down your leg.
    5. After making sure that the diaper is centered first secure the bottom tapes and make sure that it is snugly secured but not too snug that they will tear or pop off on you.
    6. Secure the top tapes pointing in a slightly downward position
    7. Make sure your anatomy is not being pinched or dug in to by the inner leak guards and have the long shaft pointed downward for best results.

    And you are done.

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    Awesome jobs in describing above... I can't add much too that. If your standing position yourself against a wall or something. That way when you position yourself with the diaper you can have the wall hold it against you while you do the front.

    Also... a suggestion that I have read somewhere... You should diaper yourself in the position you will be most in. For example if you are going to go to sleep, you should diaper yourself laying down on your bed. That way the diaper forms and is adjusted to your sleep position. If you will be standing most of the day you should tape it on standing up, and say if you will be driving most of the day, position yourself and diaper yourself the best you can in a sitting position. (Make sure the leg gathers are good though.)


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    I usually wear a onesie (abena or airoliver (german)) over a diaper. abena make great unisex pants for holding pads. If i am worried about leaks a pair of Gary eyrospft pvc pants goes over the top.

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    i always do it laying down, then stand up to re-adjust/tighten tapes, and works pretty good every time.

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    I always tend to diaper myself with a brick. And... somehow I always end up nice and snuggly in one.

    It's the weirdest thing.

    But really, if I do diaper myself, I always lay down and put it under me, and soft tape them (barely tape them) and once they're in place, Stand up and tighten all the tapes accordingly

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    thanks for the steps, it seems to be working. i had been doing little things wrong, like tapes pointed up instead of down, all that. it's working out better now, thanks!

    Oh, and the person above me,
    A brick?!?! owww, that doesnt sound fun X[ lol

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