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Thread: Would you say that you are sensitive?

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    Default Would you say that you are sensitive?

    I was wondering how many people think that they are more sensitive than other males/females in their lives.

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    I Think I'm Rather Sensitive... Not Extremely Sensitive, But I Can Be Sensitive.

    There Are People More Sensitive Than Me I Know, Though.

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    Uh-huh. ^^;
    I had to look away in a couple parts in The Watchmen. Just couldn't watch.

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    Yeah, I'm overall very sensitive. I tend to be very nice to people and avoid hurting them whenever possible. At the same time, sometimes I take what other people say and do to me too seriously, so I'm also sensitive in that regard.

    But hey, how can any guy who has and sleeps with a teddy bear not be sensitive?

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    Not really sensitive on my end, considering I found Tokyo Gore Police to be a hilarious film.

    But that's not to say I lack empathy. I care about things. A lot of things to a great extent. I just have trouble relating to people on emotional levels, so in that regard I'm extremely insensitive, but I don't mean to be.

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    I don't consider myself to be sentimental in real life. Close friends might call me if they are depressed, but I'm not the shoulder to cry on. Human suffering brings me grief.

    I do care about the less fortunate.

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    I know I'm sensitive. However because of my Aspergers my interpersonal skills suck. So it seems like I'm insensitive.

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    Hey, why would you say something like that? I'm not sensitive! I'm gonna go in a corner and cry...

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    Well, there's not really an option which describes me, so I didn't vote. And you also don't explain whether you mean sensitive to what other people say to you, or sensitive to other people and their feelings.

    I think that sometimes I can be accused of horrendous double standards. I have to be in a very specific state of mind to be able to receive criticism well, yet I don't seem to be able to understand that in others. When it comes to especially sensitive subjects for others though, I'm very willing to take a step back, and will regard it with solemn honesty.

    The thing I've found though, is that people who have suffered a death in their family, or are suffering from a disability or illness, are often surrounded by people feeling sorry for themselves, so I do quite regularly make jokes or am especially silly/cheery around the person. And most of the time it goes down well. But to an outsider, who wasnt privvy to the dynamics of our relationship, they'd say "Omg that boys grandfathers just died and she said....... omg how rude/nasty/insensitive!!!"

    So yeh, I kinda am, in a kinda not way. Hell yeh

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    Butterfly Mage


    My sensitivity is a bit of a mixed bag, thanks to having a dissociative disorder. I am reasonably sensitive. I do try to give a damn, but sometimes (well, many times) I have difficulty expressing myself clearly when it comes to emotional situations.

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