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    How many pervs do you think we have coming to this site looking to find some teenage kid in a diaper doing dirty things? There was a webpage mentioned in another thread that showed we had a LOT of lurkers...Im wondering if a lot of those people were just some old men trying to see if they can get it on or something...and that scares me that the community may have those people.

    I dunno--give me your opinion...please?


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    Websites such as Deeker & DPF pretty much verify that nasty pieces of work are in the infantilism whether they are just plain perverted or paedophiles.
    We already came to the assumption that the statistics in that thread were either made up a completely false.

    When you're in this type of community that is in some cases sexual for people, such as myself, it's pretty much common sense that a minority of people are lurking around for that type of stuff, just like any other fetish. It isn't anything new.

    That's why we have moderators performing backgrounds checks, to project the community from those types of people.

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    Yeah there's lots of bad people out there. That's why you have to register to see any non-public parts of the gallery, and see any contact details. Once bad people sign up, they can be banned! These people might come here, but they don't stay here long.

    Hopefully the removal of "Teen" from the site's name will help to lower the amount of bad people coming here...

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    with the chance of being called off topic, i must ask what adisc stands for. its probably somwhere else, but meh.
    anyways, as Monkey stated, almost every 'fetish' site will have undesirables, so its just something to keep in mind; if you dont want it seen by strangers in cyberspace, just dont post it- people only see what you put out, after all!

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    Well, considering how well the mods were with TBDL, I'm pretty sure they will be able to do the same thing with this forum. In my entire history on the old forum, I remember maybe one or two people who got banned. All of the others like them were never let in to start with.

    About the ADISC question:

    Quote Originally Posted by ayanna View Post
    I've seen this question several times in the forum I thought I'd take the liberty of making a thread to answer it (so people can just read this instead of asking...over 'n over 'n over)

    ADISC = Adult baby and Diaper lovers Infantilism Support Community

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiger Snake View Post
    EWW! People do that?! That's gross!
    Think of the worst (and I mean WORST) thing someone could possibly do. Ready? Ok. Someone has done that. It's best to just keep them off the site as actively as we can and let the ban list build into a nice wall again.

    Also, I spent almost 4 years working retail, and that really does have an affect on someone's opinion on people in general.

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    How safe are these background checks? I mean, a lot of teens access this site from their homes, but the ISP would list their parents as the owners, so how do we know who's a kid and who's an adult?

    (At least with me, I access from university, so it comes up in my ISP)

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    Simply put, if they are pervs, then they aren't doing much harm just lurking the forum. And if they try to contact you, then you do have the power to completely block them and report them to the mods here.

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    Yeah, Lukie is right, just don't say "hallow im little teen boy that lives in (blank) city in (blank) state come do nasty things to me."

    You should be fine. On ol' TBDL someone asked me where I lived for a legitimate reason and I think they were doing it for a + reason instead of for a - reason but I'm not going to hand out where I live to anyone even if I know they were going to do something good.

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