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Thread: Post your SpeedTest Results!

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    Default Post your SpeedTest Results!

    Go to - The Global Broadband Speed Test and test your download and upload speed. Then post them here for everyone to see.

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    1:30 in the afternoon on a Saturday.

    I'll post another later on when it's 1AM and I get my true connection speed I'm paying for xD (I pay for 15/5 without the boost package)

    *sigh* back in the good ol' days...

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    -_- You and your stupid upload speed

    Granted it's 1:30pm here so I'll test again to see if it's any higher.

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    Wow.. I'm only supposed to get half of that download ^o^

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    This is mine... I am below you all.
    Granted my connection is only 'low'.

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    mine is pretty bad too. But that's what you get with DSL, it's still enough for netflix online and online gaming however.

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    You suck NEJay, you have the equivalent of my Boost package that I used to have .

    Damned economy. Can't even afford a $10 boost package a month anymore >_>.

    And it seems that Canadians are capped at *.5Mbps*?

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    This is also with two other systems eating away and bandwidth, closer to 21 down and 2 up

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