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    i love cod 4, like cod 5, anyone else? if u play them regularly then give me a pm or profile message and i will get back to u with my GT etc

    XBOX 360 ONLY


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    I love the CoD series. Can't wait for Modern Warfare 2. It's gonna be off the chainnn!

    I only have CoD4 for the PC now. I used to have it for the 360 but I traded it in... though I kind of regret that decision cause I've been really thinking about playing it again. I liked it on the 360 when just playing multilayer more (I played it on PC very competitively and went CAL-IM with it - but have since stopped).

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    COD 4 & 5 are my top games. Mostly playing team Death match and Free for all

    My Stats :P
    Call of Duty, World at War

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