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Thread: For those that sleep with plushies...

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    Default For those that sleep with plushies...

    Why do you choose to sleep with a plushie? I've been sleeping with my teddy bear for the last four years or so and I started thinking about why I do it.

    I think there are a few reasons that I can think of that one of us would sleep with a plushie, and I'm curious to hear which ones apply to which people.

    -I think one reason is that it is comfortable/comforting. This is the main reason for me. It just feels so nice to have something cuddly to hug, and doing it while sleeping is very relaxing to me and just...makes me feel nice and cozy inside.

    -Another reason is related to the first, but a little different. I really like the idea of sleeping with a plushie too. It makes me feel like an innocent kid. That makes me feel little, which also makes me feel cozy and relaxed. I just think it's interesting how this is different than the first reason, and I don't know which one is more AB related.

    The first one is me actually having the mindset of a little kid, the second is liking the idea of feeling like a little kid, if that makes any sense.

    -This third reason isn't usually the case for me, but I've noticed a few other people mention it...I think some people just feel safer at night with a plushie. Either they get scared of the dark or start feeling uneasy, and sleeping with a plushie is kind of like sleeping with a feel less lonely and more secure.

    So for all of you that sleep with plushies....why do you think you do it? What do you get out of it? And how (if at all) do you think it's related to your *Bism? After all, there are non-*B/DL's that sleep with I guess it doesn't have to be related to *Bism, necessarily.

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    Well, I got a teddy a while ago, and would def say it's more than a single thing that makes me like it...

    Firstly, I've always sorta grappled stuff in my sleep, so a teddy helped me not freeze to death(I'd grab a pile of my blankets sometimes)
    Secondly, I really like soft, cuddly things in general(Dunno if that's a tb trait or just me being weird)
    Third, It's a really comforting thing to have aroud when one is upset

    But yeah, overall, it's like, a 50/50 TB/Non-TB thing for me

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    Because I never stopped and I can't sleep without it. It's nice to cuddle when the weathers bad outside.

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    I've had so many plushes over my lifespan so far and only one of them has stuck with me for so long (since I was 2!) All my others eventually migrated with my sister's herd (along with my brother's). Anyway, I was hospitalised when I was 2 for something I really don't even remember anymore... but it was scary I know that. When I woke up from the anaesthesia, my father had left a white dog with one grey spot on the foot of my bed. Match made in Heaven! Been with me for what... 14-15 years now? Sure he's not as soft or fluffy but he's still my bud.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dreamaker View Post
    Because I never stopped and I can't sleep without it. It's nice to cuddle when the weathers bad outside.
    Same here. I have slept with a stuffed animal my entire life. My mother spoiled me rotten well through highschool with big, cute stuffed animals.

    If I am at home I probably have my big old teddy with me for numerous reasons. One, on a cold day he is just warm! I love hugging up on him and feeling cozy. He is also big enough that he makes an awesome pillowish support for leaning and lounging. I also hate feeling alone when no one is around so running the TV and having my teddy around helps the place not feel so empty.

    All the above applies at bedtime too, its just nice to have something to hold onto.

    I also totally agree with loving to feel little. My bear is 4 feet tall so lugging him around the house makes me feel like a little kid. He is my big old cuddle buddy.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I am always tempted to get one of the really big teddy bears from FAO Swatrz in NYC. They make them big enough that they look fun for a grown-up to hug.

    I have a plush shark, but it lives in the rear window of my car.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Butterfly Mage View Post
    I am always tempted to get one of the really big teddy bears from FAO Swatrz in NYC. They make them big enough that they look fun for a grown-up to hug.

    I have a plush shark, but it lives in the rear window of my car.
    DO IT! it is totally worth it. It cost me on the order of 120 dollars but I honestly feel like up until now I had not properly experienced teddy bear hugs as an adult until I got this big ol bear. Before that I just had a body pillow and that just wasn't the same. Everyone I have had over thinks its ridiculous enough to be cute, granted us gays get cut a lot of slack.

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    I can sleep without my plushies or blankie, but it feels like something is missing. Just having them there is a great comfort - I might not necessarily be snuggling my blankie (often I'm wrapped up in it) or my plushies but if there isn't anything it just feels like something is missing.

    I like the physical senstation of having something soft tight against my skin. I like the mental feeling of having something regular and normal there. I also like the mental side of it feeling right for my AB side, though to a lesser extent. I never had a blankie when I was really young, but I've had something like that since I was 6 - it was meant to keep me warm when it was cold but because I practically never feel cold I started snuggling and wrapping myself up in it without thinking. Now that just feels normal, though I don't need it to go to sleep - it helps though.

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    I've been doing it for years, even before I realized consciously I was *B. For me It's like having a cuddly, soft friend to keep me company, and it is comforting.

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