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Thread: Sleeping with a binky?

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    I have a small mouth and the 18 months and up pacifiers fit perfectly for me. I use them to sleep at night and for naps. I would say that they stay put 75% of the time and always near. I also use them when feeling anxious, sad or a meltdown coming on. I really find them soothing😌💛

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    I cant sleep without mine and it helps me fall asleep really quickly. Whatever you feel is right for you is right for you because every little has different needs. I have my paci clip for when I am at somebody else's house for a sleep over because it is really embarrassing to be offered your paci by somebody you know.

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    I liked sleeping with my paci on my mouth but it is harder to do since getting a CPAP machine but when I take naps in my mouth it goes since I don't wear my CPAP mask when mapping

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    I find it easy to fall a sleep with binky but it never stays in. I always find it off to the side of my bed, so I don't sleep with on very often.

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    I have found that there is something innately calming about sucking something solid, whether it be a thumb or a paci. I actually prefer the intensity of the feeling I get when I such my thumb, probably because it allows for no movement at all and therefore is a more perfect medium in that way; however, my nails (even when trimmed) tend to cut my tongue, so I go with a paci.

    I have a Nuk-7 silicon paci. (I have a Nuk-7 latex too, but it collapses too easily, so I pretty much stick to the silicon.) I pop it in when I go to bed and I go somewhere...else. If my eyes were open, I'd say they were rolling back into my head; it's like that. I just know I am away. Some nights it stays in all night; some mornings I need to hunt the blankets for it. Either way, it comforts me.

    My daughter will be home from college for the summer soon and I'll have to stop using it for a few months, as I sleep with my door open because of my cats. I'll miss it.

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    I sleep with my binky prolly 5 days a week and it usually stays in. It's a great feeling waking up in the morning with it still in my mouth. But my teeth do feel a little weird for a little while after taking it out.

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    I have a special blankie and I keep my binky tied to my blankie so it is easier to find. That's just me though. I only sleep with it sometimes

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    i usually falls asleep drinking my nipple bottle it is cradled in holder so i wake up with nipple in my mouth

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