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    I herd that stress can cause pain like stomach pain, if this is try is there any way to tell this type of pain apart from normal stomach pain. just wondering

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    a wha, sorry i don't under stand that last part

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    It'll feel like strong muscle contractions or a burning in your chest. It's due to how tense you get and/or how much stomach acid your body is creating due to a situation your body doesn't know how to deal with.

    Try a little exercise and eat some brown bread. Tends to help with both. Endorphins from exercise gets you back into normality and bread absorbs any excess stomach acid until your body is back to normal.

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    I don't know if it's just me, but I've noticed whenever I get extremely upset/anxious/nervous to the point of nausea, it's not so much a pain as it is a kind of barfy feeling near the top of your stomach, stretching to your esophagus (though not actually going to throw up).

    Regular stomach pains are just that, pains that come from the center of your body, above the belly button. Sometimes below the bellybutton, which is intestinal stuff.

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    The short answer is there is no easy way to tell the difference, unfortunately "stomach pain" is a complaint that could refer to a number of different locations depending on the person. That said, I'll try to generalize a bit to pick up on some broad differences:
    1) Generally the pain is not well localized or periumbilical, the issue with this is a lot of abdominal pain can do weird things based on the innervation of that region, generally speaking issue with the digestive (with the exception of the ascending and descending colon) will localize to the mid-line of the abdomen, other organs such as the gall bladder, ovary, ureter, kidney, and the ascending and descending colon. The other issue with abdominal pain from specific physiologic causes is it can be referred elsewhere, for example if your gall bladder is inflamed you might have pain in your scapula, or liver problems might cause pain in your right shoulder due to the innervation of the region.

    2) There is general no association between the pain and what you have eaten, other activity, or stool pattern (either the character or the presence of blood, if these change, or you notice dark, tarry stools contact a physician.), however you might also feel tired or have nausea, dizziness, or a headache.

    3) Often stress related abdominal pain will run in families, so other family members might have had gastrointestinal problems similar to your.

    4) Most of the time growth and development will be normal, and there will be no associated systemic symptoms, such as weight loss, fever, rash, joint pain or swelling. If you have any of these problems you should consult a physician as they indicate a number of other pathologies, many of which are serious risks to your health.

    5) The pain usually resolves within an hour, and is accompanied by stress. Also, if you are in a reduced stress environment the pain should be reduced or eliminated, and the opposite should also be true, if you are under acute stress you should be more likely to have pain. Most episodes of pain should also be accompanied by periods of increased stress. Also, all other pathological processes should be ruled out.

    And the general disclaimer:
    This is not intended nor recommended as a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your own physician or other qualified health care professional regarding any medical questions or conditions.

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    I get very hot, dehydrated, and insecure when I get stresses out. Then I have to go outside and take deep breaths or risk fainting or vomiting.
    I also black out sometimes if I didn't eat or drink enough that morning.... This happens too much.

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    Um.... ok Me :p that sounds almost like panic disorder with some variations (nausea), but I'm no doctor (seek professional advice if need be).

    When stressed I have been known to have muscle spasms in my gut but that was primarily after overdoses when I would be recovering at home (I don't do that anymore thank heavens).
    During an actual panic attack I usually feel extremely hot, vision blurs and stutters like a camera dropping frames. I lose my balance and coordination, speech becomes slurred, muscles tense up. Eventually as my heart rate goes up of course my breathing becomes shallow, labored and rapid, my vision fades around the edges and wanders in spasms like a camera getting hit, muscles tense even more to where my limbs, jaw, and fingers lock up. By this point I was typically in a nurses office or at home long before, continuing on I would start to shiver and feel extremely cold, my face and chest would go numb, then my fingers, hands and arms, and my vision would fade to either white or blue, during this time my hearing would become quite muted. I personally never passed out but came very close a few times. Its a hard feeling to describe since its nothing most people will ever see or feel, essentially your body refuses to follow any commands you give. I could never really feel anything but at the same time it was extremely painful because my body put every muscle on 100% power and all muscles would end up fighting one another. Along with all the other sensations and censory confusion its hard to take any definite memories away from an attack. So in a nutshell stress can hurt, my bones would hurt, joints would hurt, muscles, head, even my face and eyes would be sore. Plus after expending your maximum amount of energy for maybe 10-20 minutes you can't move without assitance afterwards much less walk to a car for home.

    Here's a tip, DON'T GET STRESSED. Took me 4 months to figure out it was mental, after 8 months I couldn't do anything productive with myself.

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