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Thread: Some argue the earth is, in fact, flat.

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    Default Some argue the earth is, in fact, flat.

    I challenge you all to prove this theory wrong, not with links, nor douchebaggery, but with knowledge, logic, and uncommon sense. No, this is not a joke, I wish to see who can truly prove it wrong. Go ahead, give it your best shot. I put this in the mature topics sectiong because I want you guys to be mature about it.

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    I'm just going to throw in some QI knowledge and point out that the idea that people used to believe the Earth was flat is actually a giant myth.
    Practically nobody in history has believed that, at least not in 2000 years.

    You know that song... "They all laughed at Christopher Columbus when he said the world was round..."?
    Total bollocks.

    So those who argue that the Earth is flat... well it's not like they still believe it's flat.

    I know it's not flat because I've seen a pretty picture of Earth from space. I doubt it's a conspiracy because nobody would put in that much effort to do anything!

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    Actually, my Earth Science teacher was telling me that there's a select group of people like the "Flat World Association" or something, made up of a bunch of people who defend-to-the-death that the world is flat,

    Kinda sad really, considering that you know, we've been in space and physically looked down onto Earth with man's own eyes. I mean how much more do you want? lol... I can understand having paranoia that the "SATELLITES ARE FAKE ZOMG" but when people give live broadcasts from space... c'mon, throw in the towel already. xD

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    I can prove it through the law of gravity.

    The amount of gravity you encounter on Earth does not shift between places. It's not as if I would weigh 105 pounds here, and 120 in Africa or something. Gravity is at a constant rate, everywhere in the world. So, if the core is pulling down at everything at a constant rate, a shape like a flattened oval couldn't exist. The ends of the oval would have to have a lot less gravity.

    Plus, you would notice a pole-wide EDGE when traveling from one side of the world to another. A giant drop in the horizon like a cliff, leading to nowhere, might look a bit suspicious from an airplane.

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    Ok, there's a number of ways to go about this:

    1. During a lunar eclipse, a round-edged shadow is cast on the surface of the moon, and the only shape that always produces a round-edged shadow is a sphere. (Thank you, Aristotle.)

    2. Objects moving beyond the horizon(boats and ships for example) are capable of returning from beyond that point, so they're obviously not falling off the edge of the planet, which means it can't be flat.

    2. Traveling North or South a great distance will allow you to see a different set of stars, which would not happen on a flat surface. (Once again, thank you Aristotle.)

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    Actually the Earth is a halo. It's the 8th halo! That's why they built an Ark on it.

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    We all know it's not flat... it's a square or a cube. :P

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    I know earth is not flat because it has been circumnavigated :P

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