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Thread: Live Chat/IRC Idea!

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    Exclamation Live Chat/IRC Idea!

    My idea is that on April 24 we have 4 IRC/Live Chat meeting times. (times posted will be in GMT or ADISC time) These times are 3:30 AM and PM and 9:30 AM and PM. The goal of this is to get alot of people from ADISC to meet up and chat to each other at a standard time so you can communicate.

    PS: If this works out i plan on having a single meeting on Sunday the next week at 12:00. (Midnight still ADISC time)

    Please post questions, comments, or anything else you would like to so this can be about as perfect as can be!

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    Well there are always people on the IRC anyway, so if you go in, more likely than not, you'll have someone to talk to...Just go in there during more active hours, and you're sure to find people to talk to.

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    well... i am in it right now, just sometimes its kind of boring and i would like to see more people in it (not a lot of people go on it...)

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    There are usually at least 20 people in there, I'd say that's a good amount.

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    yeah but too bad most of them don't talk at once.... otherwise id be fine with it...

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    Do you mean times at which people go into the chat and talk?

    Not a bad idea, I'm in there alot and see activity only 50-75% of the time.

    --The Silent Assassin--

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    Do you attempt to start a conversation, or do you wait for one to start? If no one is talking, then try to get a conversation started, and you're bound to get at least someone to talk.

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    yeah.. and i tried to get times where most people would be able to go on...

    I have gotten conversations started but more people=more ideas which means the chat wont die out...

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    Twenty people trying to chat in the room at the same time would be chaos. it'd be like an AOL chat room.

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    yeah... nut i'm not really expecting that much people to show... just an improvement would be nice...

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