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Thread: Do you use inserts, stuffers, or diaper doublers in your diapers?

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    Default Do you use inserts, stuffers, or diaper doublers in your diapers?

    I do not, but mainly because I do not really have access to any. Plus, it might be weird for #2, etc. How about you?

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    I might use a booster thing, but I usually just wear several diapers at once.

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    Sometimes, but rarely. I like Abri-let liners, and used to use them back when I was mainly using cheapstore brand diapers. Since then I've moved on to Dry 24/7 which is sufficiently cheap, and think enough that no booster is needed.

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    I normally use pampers size 5/6 diapers as boosters/inserts. However i normally also wear more than one adult diaper as well.

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    I have occasionally used baby diapers as inserts, but never anything else.

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    Since I wear baby diapers, if the tabs break when I stretch one, I use that one as a doubler in another.

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    I use a cloth baby diaper as an insert in my cloth pull-on diapers--just more abosrbancy.

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    I always wear boosters inside Abena X-pluses (abri-let maxis or equivalents), while I do so only occasionally in other diapers which are more suitable for daytime stealthy use. I never had problems with #2 because of doublers, and since a boosted abriform lasts for quite long, it's common for it to have been exploited to its full potential by the time I change.

    Every once in a while, I double boost my abriforms, but then they become really thick!

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    i use the "Abena Abri Let Maxi" 100% of the time. they are quite effective, and haven't found a good reason NOT to use them anymore.

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    I haven't used them, but that is currently because I have never had access to any. I would willingly try them, if they are good I could see myself using them, because I have tough skin so like wearing for a long time. If they weren't so good, even if it was only one brand, I would probably decide never to touch them again.

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