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Thread: Abri-Form X-Plus are so great

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    Default Abri-Form X-Plus are so great

    Well I read about them for ages, 2 weeks ago I ordered some, discreet as anything and didn't even need to sign for it. (Mailman just handed to me and took off)

    I was really excited as my diapers have been Goodnites, Depends (both greena and white) and Attends. I've tried Secure Plus and Tranquility before but never really found a "great" diaper.

    I put one of these things on and yeah it was bulky and huge, I kinda liked it I probably we tthe thing 2-3 times but not a lot, so I wanted the full experience of the diaper and used warm tap water to fill it up. probably 2 litres worth. I did a sit test lay down on stomach, everything... nothing came out. Such an absorpent diaper.

    I paid about $26 US for them but paid nothing for shipping from B4NS. They shipped on a thursday and showed up monday.

    They also ship out of canada and the states, so it can be super discreet.

    Expensive diapers, I would say I really like depends, they have always been a good diaper to me, just dont hold tons.

    So I put an attends on today cause I have lots to use, and what happens. I take a big long pee, walk around a bit, get a drink... check myself go and sit down.... I find out an hour later when I get up.... my diaper leaked.

    I'm using my attends as fast as possible, and don't think I'll ever use them again.

    The X-Plus are expensive, but I would wear and wet one all day long.

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    Encouraging to hear!
    I've got a pack of X-plus on order at the moment- should arrive inside of a week's time.

    Question- how bad did it swell up when you filled it up with tap water? When I have diapers I tend to wear 24/7, and the X-pluses seem to be pretty thick to begin with.

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    To be honest it was a couple of weeks ago now... let me just say this diaper does get thicker.

    The most amazing thing was the wetting I actually did first, wasnt heavy and the diaper barely felt wet in front. It literally pulls liquid through the entire diaper almost spreading it out evenly. It obviously gets heavy with the wetting,. I don't wear 24/7 so I dont need to worry as I'm usually at home, so it doesnt matter for me.

    I have worn them with pants on and they are quite bulky and noticeable, dry or wet.

    Great at home diaper, and then it depends on how discreet you want to be in public.

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    XP Medical has the best prices of X-plus from what I seen. I got a case of Dry 24/7's in January (I had ordered it a few days before Christmas) and I still got about a bag and a half left.

    But X-plus is still the best one and will most likely be what I stick to, with Bambino for special occasions.

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    X-Pluses are definitely hard to beat...just if they would make the tapes better then I'd stop complaining. Bambino though has been my choice of diaper quite recently, with Abena X-Plus on my back up when "I'm tired of wearing a Lexus (bambino) on my butt" days roll around.

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