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Thread: What's Your Favorite Thing About Messing?

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    Well that made no sense. Not sure what happened to what I originally wrote.

    The act of desperation and then the feeling of pushing it out or involuntarily losing control after using laxatives. Then sitting on it and feeling it smush everywhere. All while drinking my bottle of chocolate milk or sucking on my paci 😄

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    Messing myself has been a source of stress my entire life so the best thing for me is the relief I get when I know I'm wearing a good diaper and don't have to worry about it getting everywhere. It definitely makes me feel more helpless and babyish than anything else I've experienced, which sometimes can be fun, but mostly it's just, "oh well, I couldn't help doing that."

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    it makes me feel like a toddler. Mummy doesn't let me use the bathroom so i have no choice, but i love the feeling of it in my pampers

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    Quote Originally Posted by 12srepaid View Post
    Nothing, but sometimes when I have an urge like it is ready before I can get to the toilet, I wish that I was wearing a diaper just in case. (IBS)
    Not something I do on purpose usually, but a while back while on business I ate something that did not agree with me and in the middle of the night got up quickly. 1/2 way to the bathroom I had the main decision of trying to hold it with the discomfort, or letting my diaper and plastic underpants do their job. By the time I was in the bathroom the thought of the time to get my plastic pants down and disposable tapes undone was something I knew I did not have enough time so I just had to let the control factor go. Lost it in my protection right there. It was only 3:30 am and still feeling sleepy and not wanting to change a mess I went back to bed. About 5 minutes later the episode hit me again but I just stayed in bed and let it come out to my satisfaction with little discomfort. Fell back asleep and woke up to the 6:30 am alarm feeling great with my protection working 100%. The clean-up was not so great though, but keeping it all reigned in was satisfying.

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    Eliminate the smell and cleanup but enjoy the feeling of a mess by substituting warm oatmeal in your diaper. Use from one to three cups of warm instant cooked oatmeal in the right spot of your diaper and you can squish all day and night. (Three cups is a BIG load!) You can even go out in public without offending others.

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    For me, it's the simple fact that I shouldn't be doing it. And maybe a bit of how relaxed you feel after any normal big poop.

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    When I do mess my diaper, I first enjoy the farts before it. Sometimes I get a little pain in my stomach before crapping, but I feel great relief after messing. I also like the clump on the back. Then there's the cleaning where the wipes feel a lot smoother than toilet paper.

    The times that I mess are most often in the wee hours of the morning, when everyone is still sleeping. One thing I dislike about it is having to spray down my room after cleaning or the smell will reach all over the house. I live in a small place with my bed taking up 1/3 of my room.

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