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Thread: I LIKE Liking Diapers

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    Default I LIKE Liking Diapers

    I just want to have a thread for people who like, and have always liked, liking their diapers.

    I don't mean to insult anyone, or to downplay the supportive nature of this site. But so many of our intros and other threads involve guilt and shame. It's like going to an AA meeting ("I'm Joe, and I like diapers." "Hi Joe, we're here for you . . . "). Very tiresome as a steady topic.

    Well, I'm Soren and I like my diapers. Really like them. Diapers have always been in my imagination, they have always been erotic, and I've never wanted not to like them. Even in the first grade, I liked them; I dropped hints all around me, didn't get any takers, so I had the presence of mind to shut up and wait. But I never felt guilty or shameful. And I can't believe that I'm the only one.

    I do understand the oddity that this fetish is to others, and that my experience might have been quite different had I expressed it differently. But I didn't and the option of guilt and shame never occurred to me.

    If you connect with this, please say Hey!

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    The only shame I have regarding my love of diapers is how it might potentially affect my social standing. It, well, hasn't, ever, so this fear isn't particularly strong. (It has led to some very awkward incidents, though.) Were some, er, conventionally-minded acquaintances of mine to know of my fetish, I'd be pretty terrified. But having the fetish offers me far more pleasure these days than it does shame.

    In a strange way, I am kind of astonished that everyone isn't at least a little turned on by diapers. I can't imagine a world in which they aren't sexually charged as a taboo. And yet I guess people are genuinely revolted with either minimal repressed attraction or none at all. Kind of shows you how mysterious the depths of people are.

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    Now that I'm on my own and am free of being secretive about diapers and have been able to indulge myself in them, I've lost almost all feelings of "shame" and have grown attached to them. So yes, I like diapers, and more so I want to like diapers.

    However, that last part I have a bit of trouble with. It's just really hard to mentally break free of the social taboo that accompanies them. Sometimes I do feel a bit of hesitation and embarrassment, and that gets in the way of not just accepting my love for diapers but also accepting myself.

    I know a lot of people will ask how to get rid of their diaper attachment, but my question is how can I come to fully accept it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by soren456 View Post
    And I can't believe that I'm the only one.
    Don't belive it. I have never felt shame or guilt over it. Mainly because I knew I had no control over it and there is no point trying to change something that was meant for me, and I always had a feeling that there were at least a hundred people like me (way off ). I like liking diapers. they offer me comfort and relaxation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by soren456 View Post
    And I can't believe that I'm the only one.
    You're not...

    I've always liked the fact that I'm into diapers, and have never thought about giving it up. Now that I've garnered so many lifelong friends (and it's funny how in most cases our friendships don't revolve around diapers), I wouldn't give it up for the world.

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    I like liking you liking diapers.

    I supposed I'm find with liking them. Let's just say that I'm not interested in losing these feelings.

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    i like liking diapers and i also like liking my feeling-cloth. big "yay!" for me

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    i also like liking diapers. the only thing i don't like is that my partner thinks it's 'weird.'

    i look at it as something incredibly harmless, in fact, i believe that the more confident you feel about yourself, the better you are as a person.

    i feel the same way about my tattoo work. i had this epiphany a few years ago which caused terrible guilt over judging others. i felt close-minded and pompous. i began to accept myself more for who i am and that made me happier.

    on the flip side of that, if you're 'guilty' or 'depressed' over being *B/DL because you cannot maintain a personal life with others who MAY NOT be *B/DL, then perhaps you need to explore why you cannot execute a perfect balance between the two. for example, i think it would be selfish to expect only friends that are "like you." as far as a lover or partner goes, i do believe it's healthy to invest emotional time with those who can appreciate who you are, if not participate in the same interests as you. when i came out to my boyfriend, i felt liberated, even though he was like, "um, kinda weird, but whatever." he's AWARE and he damn well knows that every time i'm unwinding during my personal time, i'm diapered.

    at nearly 25, i've gone through an incredible life thus far. i've gone through so many experiences that have changed the course of my existence, that i find it tiresome to waste time having a pity party for something so minute as to putting on a diaper.

    to those under 18 and still living at home: be happy with who you are. be happy you're not boring or an ax murderer. you have some substance to your existence. and believe me, my parents were TOUGH. imagine having to be the one to tell your mom (at the age of 12) that your father was cheating on her. yeah - that was my life. i watched my family fall apart around me. for the most part everyone that dwells here is pretty intelligent, so you're smart enough to know that you're susceptible to routine inspections by your parents in your room. HELLO: they put a roof over your head. the sooner you appreciate THAT, the better off you will be. there is no such thing as 'privacy' at under 18. you're not entitled to it. there are some ideas wiki'd for hiding your paraphernalia, but there's always a one-off where you'll get busted. that's the chance you take.

    this post was in no way meant to be de-motivating, but just my perspective on some aspects of life and love in general. please try to enjoy the next diaper you tape on without having to look over your shoulder every couple minutes. relax. you'll be fine!!

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    I like liking diapers.

    I don't see any really bad that could happen because of my liking diapers, as long as I keep it to myself everything is as normal as it was before. Who is to say that liking diapers can't be normal, I think that doing drugs is more weird than wearing diapers. I find this more of a bonus, I get the pleasure of wearing diapers a softer form of underwear.

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