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Thread: X-men orgins: Wolverine leaked

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    Default X-men orgins: Wolverine leaked

    It seems that someone within the movie studio hates the studio so much they unleashed a work print online. I am not going to mention where to pick up a copy though. Anyways anyone else shocked by something like this?

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    I have already seen it! But I wasnt planning on see it at the cinema anyway after I saw the shitfest aka X-men 3!

    The movie was pretty good though, really entertaining and you should probably see it at the cinema if you dont want to see things such as really bad unfinnished special effects

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    I thought all the X-men movies were pretty good for them being superhero movies. Way better then Hulk, Iron Man (not enough snarky/pissy attitude from Robert), Fantastic four, Spider man 1, 2 or 3.

    Hell in general the only movies X-men can't beat is the new batman or wacthmen, but those don't really rely on people with powers and are more about icons/justice.

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    Well Fox cleaned up all the torrent sites and what not. However I doubt this is going to have much of a effect on how the movie does at the box office.

    I was going to see other movies anyways. Such as sunshine cleaning and maybe Star Trek.

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