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Thread: Disposables Delivered. Anyone ever order from here?

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    Default Disposables Delivered. Anyone ever order from here?

    Has anyone ever ordered from this site? Disposables Delivered

    I'm interested in trying the XtremeFit briefs Xtremefit stretchy briefs for moderate to heavy incontinence comparable to Tena Ultra Stretch brief.

    but I want to order from a respectable site. It says they have "discreet shipping" but I'm always nervous about trying new sites.


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    I haven't tried the site, but I have tried the x-treme fit brief. I will tell you two things about them:

    1. First off, the extreme fit briefs, while pretty cool looking, essentially suck.

    2. You can order a free sample of them from the manufacturer's website, Keep it Simple with Stretch. I have gotten the free samples before, they really are free, and I think they were shipped fairly discreet as well. Since they do offer free samples, I recommend you try them first before you go spending money on them.

    I didn't think they were all that great, actually probably less absorbent than depends. But hey, as the saying goes, your mileage may vary.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Angusmac View Post
    They're garbage (and I'm definitely one for enjoying "unique" diapers). Save your $.

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    Definately stay away from the "Xtreme Fit". I've never heard of "Disposabled Delivered"

    They apparently only sell Previal... those are medical quality... stay away from them

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    Good example of why ADISC pwns.

    The diaper looks elite enough for all of us, but testimonials prove it is anything but leet.

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