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Thread: Dreams!

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    Default Dreams!

    Obvious thread, but whatever!

    Just tell us about any interesting/scary/*Bish/magical dreams you've had.

    I've been dreaming a lot in the last couple of days. I had a really scary dream where someone threatened me with a gun the other night. I was in a café, and this guy randomly started attacking another customer. The person who owned the café went to get a gun (which I assumed was for stopping the guy), but then surprisingly he gave the gun to the guy, who the started pointing it at everyone in there (including a pregnant women, which was especially mean!). He pointed it at me and actually shot, missing purposefully, but almost hitting.
    So I ran off, but I forgot my shoes (random) and had to go back for them.

    My dream last night was quite surreal, and strangely complex (plot wise). It featured a group of people who part of a weird club, a club that went about killing people (the place they met up was an old scary library, and had corpses on the walls...). And they were two women in the group, one the leader, and one this really sluty, fairly insane women. In the end of the dream they turned out the be the same person, which was weird. 'We' found this out while one of the women was being sacrificed. There was even a flashback sequence (you know like in horror films where there's a (often obvious) twist at the end, and bits of the film that hinted at the twist flash up, and the penny drops, so to speak). It's pretty weird that dreams can be planned out...

    I've had a couple of TB type dreams, not the good type, just the ones where people find your stash.

    Anyone else had any post-worthy dreams?

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    I had a dream a few nights again I'll never forget, mainly because it was one of those dreams where you wake up and go "Holy shit, that was awesome! I've gotta remember that!".

    I swear to god this is true.

    I dreamed I was a clone of House. Working on his team.

    2 House's.

    When a differential came up, Everyone would throw out their ideas, before I ended up solving the case straight away... "He has a toothpick in his body". House then would go "Trust the prodigal son to always be right. why are you all even here?" Then I went off to the clinic (Which for some reason was just opposite house's office), and called some skinny woman huge lard ass, before Cuddy came In and said something along the lines of "Just because you're a clone, doesn't give you a right to fire everyone else on your team". What that means, I don't know. I then woke up, and went "Holy shit".

    Maybe it was caused from me watching 3 episodes back to back before going to bed? I mean, one was the episode with the Gypsy Boy who had a toothpick tearing up his insides....

    I had a freaky one last night, too.

    For some reason, I was giving a bath to 2 newborn babies.... that didn't have any arms or legs. they were just heads and a torso. As I was trying to wash one, I realized that the second one was underwater, drowning. I'd pick up the drowning baby to wash it, before realizing the other one was now in the bathwater, drowning. Repeat a few more times before I woke up. o_O

    Enjoy the insight into my freaky mind!!!

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    I did have a dream I still remember about me protecting this 18 year old girl and I fell in love with her and stuff. I can't remember exactly what happened but I think I failed my mission and I was really upset. Funny thing was that I called her "Milk". Well that what she preferred.

    I don't know. Would be good if it came true.

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    My dreams are somewhat what you would find in the film, 'Paprika.' One dream I recall, was when I was in some crowd of people, heard a gunshot and it went right through me! It hit me in the torso and I was like 'Eh,' and also 'What the heck?'

    Some people (looked like some sort of experts) came up and said I was immortal. I then noticed a scar on my shoulder and they say immortals can't have immortala parts.

    Next thing I knew, they said I was like an angel, and for some reson, pushed me down. It was then I noticed I was falling out of the sky! I woke up by the feeling of falling...


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    You stole my trademark! :P

    I can't recall a dream for more than twelve hours unless it's really memorable/scary... and none of those come to mind right now!

    Oh well, I'll be sure to write down tonight's.

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    I have had many dreams of many types.

    TBish Dreams(that I remember)

    1. I am usually in school, padded. Or out somewhere, padded. During these dreams I usually get caught either because of leaking or getting pantsed.

    2. I had a dream once that I was at some kind of super mall filled with plushies, I was with Drew and Zyph and well the dream sort of continues on like a story kind of. When I woke up I wrote it all down and I think I'm going to make it into a story.

    Magical Dreams

    1. I had the power to change day and night, I used it to my will but caused the troubles of everyone becoming mindless zombies. Right before I was attacked by these monsters I woke up.

    2. I was in Super Smash Brothers. For some reason I was fighting Samus. While I was fighting her the lava/acid/whatever started flowing up and fox came in and kicked her off into it. I blasted him with a fireball and he flew into the side and disappeared.

    3. I could fly, but I fell. Right before I hit the ground I woke up.

    Repeating Dreams

    1. I am driving, either a motorcycle or a fast car. Different things may happen, and I noticed it is usually what has happened close in the past.

    2. I'm in wal-mart. I'm always looking for something, usually something I had been wanting IRL close to the time of the dream. I will find somethings but the one thing I'm mainly looking for I always come close to getting then I wake up.

    3. I'm at a disneyland store. There are alot of isles filled with plushies, videos, mirrors, and all sorts of other stuff. Basically another version of the wal-mart one.

    4. Me visiting with Zyph. Random things happen depending on things I don't really know.

    5. I'm in an operating room. But I'm not the patient. I'm the doctor. Everything is being set up. And before I make the first incision something jumps out of the patient and comes at me. At which point I wake up.

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    Well, I posted this on the temp. forum, but I don't know if anyone but one person actually noticed it.

    First, I went to a restaurant. After leaving, we realized we left before we got the actual meal. We had eaten our salad and left. Meanwhile, the power went out at home due to a storm and the power supply thing (monster-size box... can't believe it's so big) of my Xbox 360 was fried. (and I don't know how, but my brother was somehow home before me. Maybe he didn't go. He called to tell me about the storm) And lastly, someone found my diapers and got rid of them. However, I don't know why, but my bottle and one pacifier were saved. Can't things even go right in dreams? XD

    I've had some other interesting dreams since that, but I don't really remember them anymore.

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    i've had a lot of really amazing dreams lately.

    one really poetic one i had a few days ago was about my violin, which i learned was actually a bird. if i took off all the strings and screws and things it would spread its wings and fly off into the sky. i had to decide whether to set it free, or keep it and play music on it, because if i set it free i could never play it again.

    i've also had some dreams recently that i could fly. it's been a long time since i've had that sort of dream.

    i also had a dream that my consciousness had been uploaded onto the internet: my body was dead but my mind was still alive. but people told me that they could tell from the things i said that i wasn't human anymore, i was just a robot. i still felt human, and it was really scary to think that i'd somehow lost my humanity.
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    Quote Originally Posted by avery View Post
    i've also had some dreams recently that i could fly. it's been a long time since i've had that sort of dream.

    *images Avery ripping his shirt reveling a big bold letter A*

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    I always dream with darkness and nothing more...

    the only dreams I can actually remember are nightmares and they weren't recent at all. At least 12 years since the last one.

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