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    I've had the chance to try out the new Bambino Quadro scented liners so I'm giving them a review. I will be compareing them to the Abri-Let Maxi to give a reference. I have pictures, but I can't figure out or am unable to upload them.

    The Scent:
    First off I believe the scent is supposed to be the same as the scent of Dreft laundry detergent. My sense of smell is not very good, but I did not notice much difference between the two. If I am wrong please correct me.

    The strength of the scent was not too overpowering for me. I did not notice it while wearing under clothes (of course, it could be because I am used to the smell). Either way the scent wasn't a big selling factor for me.

    The Size:
    The Quadro is the same width as the Abri-Let Maxi but it is about 6 inches shorter in length. The width allows the liner to fit in between the gathers of all of the products I've tried so far. The length provides less front to back coverage, but I didn't find this to be an issue.

    The thickness is drastically different between the Quadro and the Abri-Let when dry. The Quadro is ~1/3 the thickness of the Abri-Let Maxi, maybe even less. I really like the thin Quadro because it is much more discreet while dry.

    The Absorbancy:
    The absorbancy of the Quadro vs. the Abri-Let is difficult for me to determine, but I suspect the Quadro surpasses the Abri-Let as far as absolute volume of liquids held. The differences lie in the way the two liners absorb the liquid.

    It is obvious the Quadro contains a large amount of Super Absorbent Polymers (SAP). It starts out very thin, when dry, then swells a lot when wet. When wet, the Quadro swells to about the same thickness as the Abri-Let! So don't count on this liner staying discreet while wetting.

    As a result of the large amount of SAP used, the Quadro does not absorb very quickly at all (it felt like it took minutes for it to stop swelling). This is where the Abri-Let is far superior. I had to be very careful not to flood the Quadro, whereas with an Abri-Let Maxi I can pretty much let loose.

    The wicking in the Quadro is also almost non existent but, because of the capacity it holds, I haven't found it to be an issue. I tried a Quadro inside an Abena X-Plus at night (my light wetting period) and after 15 hours, without any leaks, only the front of liner and diaper were wet (I am not a bedwetter). The back of the X-Plus was still completely dry when I changed it. When wearing with an Assurance brief, I found the Quadro to be excellent, I just had to be careful of flooding.

    Other Differences:
    The Quadro has an adhesive strip down one side to help keep it in place inside the diaper. I think this is a minor feature that I could take or leave; the lack of adhesive never bothered me with the Abri-Let.

    The size of the package for the Quadro is drastically smaller than the Abri-Let. If storage is a concern, the Quadro takes up about 1/4 of the space of the Abri-Let.

    I am very impressed with the Bambino Quadro. Unfortunately, I like both liners for different reasons. I like the Quadro for its initial discreetness and overall holding capacity, but I prefer the Abri-Let for its flood protection. I was hoping to be able to pick one as superior to the other (that way I don't have to place more orders), but I like them both

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    A nice objective review. The slow wicking is really what has kept me away from the Bambino liners thus far. I do love their diapers... but they are slow to wick as well. Not so much where it causes a problem... but I could see combining with a slow wicking liner causing problems.

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    Hmm sounds pretty interesting to me...I'm one who loves to flood my Bambinos...however if I ever try any boosters inside of them...I suppose I could "not" flood so much, afterall I do love an extremely thick diaper...and come to think of it, I've never tried a booster inside of a diaper, so this would be fun to do!

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    Thanks dude... I've been waiting for someone to do a comparo of the two.

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    Thanks for the review. I think I may order some just for the scent. I have a good supply of the Abri-Let Maxi's now, I love them


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    Thanks for the feedback on the review everyone! If anybody finds any of my statements are inaccurate, please let me know.

    Also please post any difference of opinion.

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