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Thread: Digging in your diaper like toddlers

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    Quote Originally Posted by babyboy View Post
    Sounds like some one needs some little keeper sleeper or other back zip clothing, onesies might help too.
    I have heard that this is a trick to keep em out. But they can be tenacious and very clever to get at it if they really want to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by caitianx View Post
    It is also common for autistic children to smear poop a lot.
    This is true. I have heard it is very common for this to occur for autistic children, as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarchinBunny View Post
    Ya, I mean I don't know if autistic children do it any more than any other child but I know it has happened to me when I was younger .. as well as with my sisters too. It's just a pretty common occurrence. I wouldn't ever do it now though just because it's a bit too icky. I don't like getting my hands dirty and I think that is the dirtiest a person could get them XD. Don't even get me started on the clean up after. x.x

    I don't mess my diaper so I never do this with a messed diaper. I know some people are into it and that's ok. I'm just not into it. I prefer to only do it in a diaper that I have just wet (at the most only 2 hour old wetting). You should try it sometime. You don't have to be messy with it. If the wet urine grosses you out, it also works well with using just water. Just wet a diaper with water, rip a hole big enough to stick your hand in, take a handful of the gel out and slowly close your hand into a fist. Its a very interesting feel as it squeezes through your fingers. Interesting sensation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tall2826 View Post
    Digging into my diapers have never crossed my mind. In general I don't like it when the sap start to come out of my diapers, it tends to create quite the mess and I have to clean it up afterwards.
    oh yes the mess I found that out last night

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    I've fetched a potty out of my diaper manually without taking the diaper off, but I haven't played with it, only flushed it away. Today is the first time I've worn a cloth diaper and plastic panties without having a pull-up inside, so I expect my mess to require a more challenging cleanup. I'm not squeamish about handling my potty, though, and wish I had more frequent opportunities to explore this experience.

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    I love squishing a wet diaper. The first part of enjoyment is holding on, the second part is actually letting go, the third part is enjoying the warm, squishy cloud that is enveloping you, and the last part is actually playing with that squishy cloud.

    Little me loves pulling and squeezing his soaked nappy.

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    I remember when I used to dig into my diapers. I was 3 or 4 years old at the time, but I'd only do it when I mess, and have the time I would eat my own feces. I have autism, so back then I thought chocolate came out of my ass. Over a year later I stopped doing that and started getting better at using the toilet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Onesieman View Post
    I remember when I used to dig into my diapers. I was 3 or 4 years old at the time, but I'd only do it when I mess, and have the time I would eat my own feces. I have autism, so back then I thought chocolate came out of my ass. Over a year later I stopped doing that and started getting better at using the toilet.
    WOW! The fact that you did this when you were 3 or 4 means you probably have vivid memories of it then. I wish I had more memories of when I wore diapers as a toddler. Especially like using them or being naughty and digging in them, ripping them, taking them off, etc. I only have a few snippets here and there that I recall. Some short, basic memories from before I was potty trained and others where I was drawn to them and would put them on for fun shortly after I was potty trained. Additionally, I don't think I ever dug in my diapers when I was a kid. I was a "good boy" and potty trained fairly easily as far as I know. I wish I would have been more rebellious when it came to potty training and either ignored the potty or purposely used my diaper even though I could make it to the toilet, etc.

    Additionally you dug in your diapers for about a year. I do know its a hard habit to break with young children once they start to do it. Hell, when I discovered about digging in my diapers, as an adult, I gave it a whirl and I can't give it up now. I love digging in my wet diapers.

    Its funny how kids process things. Thats funny you thought chocolate came out of you ass. Kids don't know any better and process an event or situation based on their limited past experiences and knowledge. That's one reason I miss being a kid (and enjoy wearing diapers), actually, Kids are ignorant about so many things out in the world that can be hurtful, dangerous, stressful, and sad. The're just there and process the world as they see it without misconceptions and as happy as can be without the stresses of the world. I'm not saying I miss being ignorant of the dangers of eating feces. I'm saying I miss being ignorant of the stresses that comes from life as an adult.

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    I think it sounds fun lol
    I would deffently feel naughty (nonsexual)

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    so I was playing with another diaper last nigh I got bit too carried away with the water and filed the diaper to maximum capacity
    but still I put m y had in it and done up the taps. but I couldn't get to sleep but later on in the night I decided to put on my last drynight you know just in case I did fall asleep and wet the bed. but no matter how hard I tried I could not get to sleep so I decided to try and wet my drynight whilst laying down hoping the diaper on my hand with its wet squishiness would help nut no use then the nappy broke and a bit of the gel came out so I got the amazing idea to put the gel in my drynight so I squeezed some of the gel into the front of my drynight. it got really messy (the gel was all over my bed and left a wet patch)

    it felt really nice I put the rest in the back of my drynight and felt really good then. I had to use 3 old pairs of underwear wich were too small for me to hold it up. I stuck my hand down in it and it felt really nice. needed a pee so I peed. and it leaked got out of bed kneeled on the floor a peed a little more then messed arond by sitting on the floor and pushing the gel against my skin. I turned on my light and saw the mess on the bed that I made (luckily it was mostly on the towel I was using)so I cleand it up best that I could I took my drynight off cuss my pee leaked all the way through my underwear. and made a mess on th floor that was a pain to clean up I was still cleaning up this morning. but I put all of the gel into the drynight bag(it was half full with gel after cleaning up.

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    No. I don't think I even did this as a toddler.

    Quote Originally Posted by Reaper View Post
    I was actually diapered when I saw that movie at a theater. I think it might be the only time I went to a movie in padding. Although, I haven't been to any theaters lately either. xD

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