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    So I saw a commercial for this game a while ago. I thought it looked cool, but what really caught me was the "exclusivly for the wii" at the end of the commercial. I thought "a cool game for the wii, I didn't think it was possible!" So I bought it with out having any idea what it was. Not only is it a very cool game, but it is the most violent video game I've ever played! Your a guy with a chainsaw attached to his arm in the middle of a city that has been taken over and turned into a survival gameshow. In this survival game, the goal is to rank up. You do this by killing people above you. In order to challenge thoes people, you have to score enough points. You earn points by killing people as voilently as you possibly can! It's insain! My favorite way to kill someone is to do an upercut and sent them into the air, and then shuv my chainsaw into their back as they come down.

    The other cool thing about it is that it was made to look like a graphic novel, so everything is black and white and looks drawn. The only color is red, and there's a lot of it.

    There's also two announsers who talk the entire game. They're so funny! They'll say random things about what your doing at the moment and it always makes me laugh my favoite is when they said, "'Hay, he's using my move!' 'You invented killing someone with a tire and a sign post?' 'something like that. No wait, I used a motercycle and a garbage can. Never mind.'"

    So ya, who else has played this game?

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    Loving the game, and I was anticipating it for quite some time. It's done by platinum games, who are the members of the former Clover; who did Okami and Viewtiful Joe.

    The games violence is off the chart. It's a brawler, and a paraody of brawlers at the same time. It's Greg Proops (Who's Line is it Anyway?) and John DiMaggio (Bender, Dr. Draken, Marcus Pheonix [gears of war], Wakka [FFX]) doing the commentary and they're hilarious.

    My favourite way to kill is to shove as many sign posts as I can find into a single person, so they end up looking like a pin cushion.

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    I think my favorite part about the game is the incredably subtle story line. Right from the start you know something's up but you have no idea what it could be. The storyline expands really slowly and then lays an interesting twist at the end (ya, I already beat it. Only took 3 days). I can't wait to play it again to see if there's anything I missed.

    Oh, and and the ending credits, It was just you riding a motercycle and bill boards of all the people going past you, and the announsers were making fun of every single person. It was so funny. My favorite was when they said, "There's only one blood animation disigner!? He must have been working 24 7!"

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    Sounds like I need to by a new Wii game, my last one was Zack and Wiki. I got it for like 8 bucks.

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    Well, I'm kind of confused at the moment. Sence I beat it, I can play it on hard, but it lets you play on any level and doesn't mark each level as being beaten on hard. Some levels do have orange explanation marks though, and I have no idea what they mean!!! someone helpe me out here.

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