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Thread: Movies You've Recently Seen

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    Quote Originally Posted by kerry View Post
    Every year my daughter and I (and recently my husband) go to the Best Picture Showcase at our local AMC Theatre. This is an annual event at which they screen all movies nominated for Best Picture back to back to back, divided over two Saturdays just before the Oscars. I generally avoid anything that strikes me as a possible nominee based on reviews and critics' remarks) until then. This year I was perfect: I had not seen any of the nominated films in advance. So, my honest opinions?

    La La Land: I loved this movie. It had me from the second it started, with that amazing freeway dance scene. (And I admit I was wowed even imagining the fact that they managed to close a major LA freeway to film it! I think I had a massive stupid smile on my face for the entire number.) The songs, the characters––though, yes, they are not always that likable––the tribute to classic jazz and classic movies, the montages, the "An American In Paris" meets "Casablanca" ending: everything about it just worked for me. It's the only movie I've seen in ages that I wanted to see again the second it was over. (Though I do admit that Sing Street––another musical––is also on my "see again" list, but it didn't get there immediately.)

    Moonlight: A well-deserved Best Picture winner (even though I personally wanted La La Land). I'm ecstatic that this unique and uniquely told story of a gay black boy dealing with his inner city culture and the way society interacts with black kids in general has been so well received. Did you know this is the very first movie ever to win BP with a central gay character? And all of the acting, not just the three who played Chiron, was incredible.

    Hacksaw Ridge: Honestly, I wanted to hate this. I don't generally like war movies anyway, and then there was the f***ing Mel Gibson factor. But Jesus was it good. Andrew Garfield's performance was perfect, and Gibson (to his credit) really knows how to do a war movie so you get right into the thing. I totally believed every moment, no matter what was going on.

    Hell or High Water: This one was just fun. A well-made movie with a couple of twists and some nicely drawn, well-acted characters, but honestly: BP material? Really?

    Arrival: LOVED this one. Amy Adams (who was robbed of a fifth Oscar nomination here; I mean really: she utterly carries the film with a complex portrayal) humanizes what might otherwise have been a difficult sell: a linguistics-based science fiction film. I figured out the final twist a bit early, but that didn't spoil it for me.

    Manchester By the Sea: An excellent movie, but rather the opposite of La La Land in that I think I never want to see it again. My GOD was this movie depressing. It was RELENTLESSLY depressing. Yes, Casey Affleck's performance was brilliant as were Michelle Williams' and Lucas Hedges' for that matter) but I mean I wanted to crawl into my shoes and die after watching it.

    Fences: More brilliant performances by everyone involved, but I don't think this was really BP material. I am a theatre person. "Fences" is a great play by August Wilson, and he tried to rework it for the screen, but ultimately this is really just the play on film. It takes an hour or more into the movie before there is even a significant quiet moment where we just watch a character reflecting or walking or something: a film moment as opposed to a play moment, where characters pretty much have to be talking all the time.

    Hidden Figures: This one was a total feel-good. The performances were all top-notch. (No surprise there, considering who they cast.) The story was way cool. Bizarrely this was the second time this year I've seen this story told: it was also the subject of an episode of the TV show "Timeless." But if you ask me it can't be told enough: history has done these women a tremendous disservice and this film is a start to righting that wrong.

    Lion: Another one I really liked. It was a "little" film, and pretty much every year the Oscars seem to nominate one such film that otherwise would fly under the radar. (Think Beasts of the Southern Wild, for example.) It was beautifully filmed and acted (the little boy should have been nominated too!), and it told yet another heartwarming true story. There was nothing here not to like.

    I mentioned Sing Street: This under the radar Irish film should have received a nomination for Best Song at least, as it is rife with excellent original numbers. It's about an 80s teenager who falls for a girl her sees who is out of his league and decides to form a band so he can get her to star in videos (the latest thing) and thereby get to know her. His trouble: he knows next to nothing about music. But somehow it works. Brilliantly.

    Rogue One: Spoiler ahead: Like some, and unlike at least one, I really enjoyed this addition to the Star Wars universe. I loved how it filled in the gaps between the prequels and the original trilogy and how it answered the dangling questions from "A New Hope." And I also enjoyed the spectacle of a Star Wars movie that was willing to kill people off. Real life, baby!

    From Dusk to Dawn
    : So we were trying to find something to watch and my husband suggested this old Richard Rodriguez movie with George Clooney, Harvey Keitel, and Quentin Tarantino. It features robberies, kidnappings, car chases, extreme violence, pedophilic tension, shitload of vampires. It was probably worth watching, and it spawned a whole lineage of spinoffs and sequels, but it was definitely not my kind of thing.
    Hi, Kerry,
    I agree with most of your comments
    Some random, incoherent thoughts late at night here:

    I loved La La Land too. As a gay person, it's in my job description to love musicals. I agree the opening number was fantastic and I was amazed at how much of the highway they managed to close down to film it. My favourite part was 'the audition' wherein Mia is asked to audition by telling a story. What a showstopper. The dance sequences with Gosling and Stone were also wonderful and reminiscent of Astaire and Rogers (although they weren't quite as good). My only complaint with musicals turned into films these days is that the films always hire good actors who are mediocre singers at best. As good as Stone, Gosling and the rest of the cast were, they were just average to mediocre as singers. It was the same with any of the recent musical films like Mamma Mia with Meryl Streep and Pierce Bosnan, and Les Miserables with Hugh Jackman and Ann Hathaway. The music soared in the Broadway version of Les Miz, but hearing Jackman butcher the centrepiece of the play, "Bring Him Home," made me want to walk out. Pierce Bosnan singing with just painful to the ears. We no longer seem to have the 'triple threats' of yesterday (singers, dancers, actors) like a Barbra Streisand or a Judy Garland. Aside from that, I was also hoping and expecting it to win best picture (it did win for close to three minutes). It's very rare that a movie can make you smile and feel good. It's a lot harder to make a movie that makes you feel happy than one that depresses, especially in this day and age.

    Like you, I was happy to see Moonlight win best picture. It was a difficult look at growing up gay, poverty, addictions and its impact on youth. I love how the central, character found love in a home where you wouldn't expect it. The win of this movie almost vindicates the Academy for overlooking Brokeback Mountain as best picture thirteen years ago because it was too controversial to give the award to a movie about gay cowboys. We've come a long way,, baby!

    Personally I loved Manchester by the Sea and I was really happy to see Affleck win for it. There was some really powerful drama in it, but for all the talk about the depressing subject matter, I found it had enough humour to provide some levity throughout, like the nephew criticizing Lee like he was clueless, Lee trying to make small talk with the mother of his nephew's girlfriend, it wasn't completely a downer. I also thought the two were bonding and connecting towards the end of the film and left me with hope that their plans might change.

    I really liked Hacksaw Ridge as well, in spite of the director. I always liked Andrew Garfield and it was good to see him get a role that shows what a fine actor he is. The war scenes are brutal , but Hacksaw Ridge itself was such a violent event, it would have been unrealistic to downplay the violence. I first saw Garfield in a movie adaptation of a great book titled "Boy A" He wasn't known then. He played a young man just out of prison for having committed a terrible crime and tries to readjust to being in society after years in prison. The movie based on the book of the same name shows how society can be cruelly unforgiving to ex- and contributes to the recidivism rate or more mental health problems. I recommend the movie, and the book was even better.

    Also agree with you that Amy Adams was robbed by not receiving a nomination for Arrival. I blame Meryl Streep who bumped her out to get a seventeenth nomination for Florence Foster Jenkins, a mediocre film and not one of Streep's best performances. Trump was right, she's overrated! ((just kidding, folks, I can't believe I said that).
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    It's been the Week of the Apes!

    Earlier this week I saw Kong: Skull Island. It was a fun, mindless film, but Kong looked awesome, and overall the plot moved along a lot faster than Peter Jackson's three-hour version where Kong didn't even show up until well after the first hour. If you're looking for something not too heavy but looks spectacular, it's a fun film. Best seen in IMAX 3D.

    So tonight I watched my second monkey feature of the week, Planet of the Apes. It was the original 1968 version and not that piece of dreck with Mark Walberg. still love that iconic ending with its twist and social commentary.

    Also really looking forward to War for the Planet of the Apes coming this summer. This rebooted movie series has been phenomenal.
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    Just saw the new Beauty and the Beast on Friday night. Worth it. It made my soul happy

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    I just saw Logan yesterday. It was a good movie. It was more emotionally charged, realistic, and plot heavy than most superhero movies.

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    Just saw Logan as well. It was up there with the first Iron Man movie. It had that realistic feeling that too many super hero movies miss. It really had a good sense of depth. I loved it, would recommend.

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    The last few movies I've seen have been Hacksaw Ridge, Arrival, and Passengers.

    I agree. Hacksaw Ridge was great. It's incredible it's a true story too.

    Arrival was eh. I had a hard time following it and I kind of got the ending but it didn't do anything for me. In my opinion it was never climactic. The movie was slower and just kind of dull in my opinion. Some of the critiques claimed it was riveting and suspenseful; I didn't feel any of that.

    Passengers was good. It was not exactly what I was expecting based on what the previews made it sound like. It was good though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnimeDude892 View Post
    Your Name.
    Is it as good as people say?

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    Just saw the fantastic beasts movie, and thought it was a nice addition to the harry potter world.

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    I just saw "Life" with Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhal. It was great. Kind of like a combination of Alien and Gravity.

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