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Thread: Movies You've Recently Seen

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    My son got me an Ultra 4HD DVD of the movie, "Dunkirk" to try out the new TV and my new Yamaha surround receiver. The movie was incredible but hard to watch all by myself as it was very moving. I remember seeing real pictures of the soldiers standing on the beach at Dunkirk when I was a little kid, and the director did a great job replicating that look and feel of what it must have been like, waiting and waiting while being shot at and shelled. There isn't a lot of dialogue but there is a lot of action. It's hard to imagine, but the British people in small boats, saved almost 300,000 soldiers from the existing 400,000 soldier British army.

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    I finally saw The Last Jedi over the weekend.

    Still torn over how I feel about it. My immediate response is that TFA was a better film, but I have a few friends who've shifted from 'I hate it!' to 'I love it!' after a re-watch. So I'm eager to see it again. Hopefully this weekend.

    Can confirm that Porgs are still the best #Porgs4Lyfe.

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    [QUOTE=Starrunner;1489030]Just saw Justice League, and, like Argent, I also enjoyed it. It's a lot less dour and grim than Batman v. Superman, Man of Steel, and Suicide Squad. Not as good as Wonder Woman, however. A pretty simple story: Evil entity appears with plans of world annihalation, Superman is dead, so Batman rounds up some super powered people to defeat him. I thought the standout characters/ actors in this movie were Wonder Woman, the Flash, and Cyborg.

    Highly recommended. There's hope for DC yet.

    - - - Updated - - -

    justice League with a dead super man. .... they already ended their movie series before they got going, this is why marvel is so much better, not to mention it took them how many years to get this out as marvel had done how many more movies. Face it they can't come up with their own ideas.

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    Just watched Battle of the Sexes. Overall it was a pretty solid movie. The film tells the true story of a infamous tennis match between Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs. The movie uses the setting perfectly as a backdrop to deal with both the women's rights movement and LGBT issues. The acting was very well done all around. Emma Stone's performance in particular was a standout. It may be one of the best performances of her career. The film did have a few uneven moments pacing wise, but still managed to entertain. A 8 out of 10.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ravensteel View Post
    Just got out of THREE BILLBOARDS OUTSIDE EBBING, MISSOURI. Overall I was very impressed with the movie. The movie was a nice mix of a dark comedy and a crime drama mixed in. The writing was smart and original.

    Acting-wise the movie was outstanding. Frances McDormand is going to get nominated for an Oscar for this role. Plus Woody Harrelson and Sam Rockwell were outstanding also.

    The story was interesting and kept you guessing. The best part was the dialogue. The lines delivered where witty and smart. The movie managed to have you laughing one scene and crying in another. A great movie worth all the praise, 9 out of 10.

    I agree, thought the movie was great and gave it 8/10. The dialogue was very well written and the cast really made it work. Love the constant shift in tone - Like you said, I was laughing one minute, crying the next, then horrified, then I'm laughing again.

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    Iíve never seen any of the Lethal Weapon movies so I watched the first three on Netflix. Plan on watching 4 next soon

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