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Thread: Workstations!

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    Default Workstations!

    Probably the third thread so far on this, but unfortunately they keep getting closed! I for one have a drastic update to mine. Have fun with the geeksecks.



    And in case you miss the specifications;
    == Polaris == (server -- underneath subwoofer)
    2GB DDR2 800MHz RAM
    Phoenix775 Motherboard
    3.2GHz Pentium 4 HyperThreaded CPU
    2x 200GB SATAII 3Gbps HDD 7,200RPM
    1x 80GB EIDE 100MB/s HDD 7,200RPM
    1x 20GB EIDE WD BigFoot 5.25" 5,400RPM
    Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Server Edition

    == Ares == (laptop)
    Dell Inspiron 1501
    1.5GB DDR2 667MHz RAM
    AMD Turion64 X2 Dual Core 2.1GHz
    160GB 5,400RPM SATAII 3Gbps HDD
    15.4" 1280x800 glossy display "hence the blinding light"
    DVD Burner/Reader
    Ubuntu 8.10 64-bit
    Connects to Orion's keyboard and mouse via Synergy.

    == Orion == (Gaming rig)

    BIOSTAR 760i SLI Motherboard
    6GB DDR2 800MHz RAM -- 2x 2GB OCZ + 2x 1GB Crucial || Overclocked to 1066MHz
    Intel Pentium D Dual-Core 3GHz overclocked --> 3.5GHz @ 978MHz FSB
    Sparkle nVidia GTS 250 OC+ (766MHz Core, 1134MHz x2 Memory clock) PCI-express 2.0
    160GB SATAII 3Gbps HDD. (Why such a low space? See my server :])
    Gigabit Ethernet
    7.1 Surround Sound

    17" ViewSonic G-series 1600x1200 (running at 1280x1024) + 15" HP vs15 @ 1024x768 -- Dual monitors help. Game on the viewsonic, Teamspeak and Xfire on the second.
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    I've got you beat just about XD. I'll take a picture of my workarea.

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    You probably have a job :P. xD LOL. Unfortunately I had to save pennies for months before I could even dream about what I have right now, thanks to being unemployed.

    Hopefully soon I'll be able to get a few already-picked-out desired upgrades.

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    I'll have to take a photo of mine when I get home. I made my desk, it is like a transformer with all the crap attached to it. the thing is tiny.

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    Here's my area. Note, it's just about the entire size of my bedroom

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    Yummm geek porns.

    That's... a lot of fricking externals. I'd just put them ALL into one machine and throw a server together. One networked machine with all that storage MUST be more efficient than... 5+ externals. O_O

    Mac . I have a PowerBook G4, but the hard drive died and it's impossible to find a decent PATA drive nowadays considering that SATA took over >>

    ... O_O uh oh, a WoW box.

    So, what're all the specs on those machines? Really the only ones I can have a significant idea about are the eMac and iMac, the other (4?) I have no clue....

    Too bad Pluto (my weather box) died on me a few weeks ago. It wasn't much, a 1.5GB DDR RAM + 1.6GHz AMD but it did have a decent 6600 PCI-e in it which let Google Earth and my behemoth of plugins for it completely pimp it out. I could do a whole segment on the news with it =D. But, the bastard's motherboard decided to die out (not really, I accidentally pulled on the keyboard a bit too hard and everything went poof from there).

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    The iMac is my primary video editing machine and the eMac is the recording station.

    iMac - 1.83ghz C2D 2gb RAM - home of all those externals
    eMac - 1.25ghz PowerPC G4 1gb RAM - recording station

    I got those and all the audio/video capture equipment on the rack from my boss.

    Two bottom computers in the tower from left to right.

    AMD Sempron 2.4ghz, 1gb RAM, GeForce 6200gt, 250gb internal drive
    AMD Duron 1.2ghz, 512mb RAM, Onboard Video, 80gb internal, 40gb internal

    Computer sitting on the floor in front of rack with no side on is my main rig.

    Intel C2D E8400 @3.8ghz, 8gb RAM, GeForce GTX260 896mb Video Card, Antec300 Case, 750gb internal drive, 80gb SSD internal drive (OSes).

    I'm trying to get my brother to switch rooms with me (he's got the bonus room) and then once I'm in there I'll be able to properly setup my 5.1 surround sound speakers and put them around like my home theater system is. I'm also thinking about seeing if my boss would help me get a Mac Pro that can handle 4-6 monitors and trading in all those external drives for internal drives and network them. Or I might just attach them to a server I'm currently building and share them so that the Macs and my PCs can access them. And their actually all 80-90% full as my boss likes me to keep everything I do for him lol.

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    My main rig can handle 5-6 WoW clients at full settings w/o lagging, which was why it was built but then I got bored of WoW Multiboxing so now it's just a web dev machine lol.

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    I for one despise WoW but that rig most definitely can play CoD4 and CoD5 (my main FPS games -- I even co-run my own clan for them). Doing it only for web is a waste! D= haha

    Hmm this is going to be fuuuuuuuuuuun.

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