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    IF you were staying at a motel on vaction, or far away somewhere...would you take a walk down the hallway in just your diaper and sleep shirt? Or with it buldging out of you PJ pants?

    I think I would do it, maybe not totally exposed, but maybe.

    What about the rest of you?

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    Uhm...No? Maybe under PJ pants, but I wouldn't go out of my way to make it obvious to the world. Other people don't want to see that. I do understand it's a nice rush, and I can't say that I haven't enjoyed that kind of rush, but it really isn't something you should do.

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    I would go out in my footed PJ's but nothing that shows off my diaper. However you might be able to tell I am wearing a diaper if the brand was thick enough.

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    i don't really think it would matter either way, definately not exposed, that's just wrong........i wear mine "out" a lot. nobody really notices and the "excitment" will wear off. it is nice to have the freedom however, i couldn't do it back when i lived with my parents, so yeah

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    Well, Maybe If I Just Walked Across The Hall To My Nan's Room. *We Always Have Family Holidays* But Then, I Wouldn't Have A Diaper On, Just My Normal Clothes. But If I Did Have A Diaper On, I Would, So Long As It Was Covered.

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    Nope, not something i would be willing to do. I might not take the same precautions that i would if their were people i knew around, but i wouldn't want someone to be able to tell with just a glance.

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    probably not...would be fun to try though. would be just like wearing for a day.

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    yeah,....... i wouldn't really want to force my lifestyle on anyone else

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    I certainly wouldn't. I can remember the days when homosexuals were beaten to death just because they were gay. This still happens in some places, so why push your luck. There are crazy people out there who neither understand nor tolerate differences. In a hotel/motel situation you are room to room with all kinds, some of them violent. Use care.

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    let me think,NO!!! that's wrong i would wear a diaper and pjs since i do that at my house but i wouldn't make it abious

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