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Thread: Good Suppliers in the uk?

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    Default Good Suppliers in the uk?

    Been looking for a good uk based supplier recently as importing just shifted to outside my budget. ( G/D paycuts and company streamlining <_<)

    Soo... anyone have any suggestions?
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    all depends on what you want; the Attends and Molicare (hartmann) websites are okay and deliver within a fairly reasonably predictable timeframe (so you know when to be in, approximately, if need be).
    but i still find that retail outlets (certain chemists and mobility shops) are the most convenient for use.

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    hmm, I'll have to keep looking then, I wasnt too impressed by attends and not tried molicare yet

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    Go to Dorset Nusing Supplies. They stock a wide range of diapers, including Abena X-Plus. They also have 24 hour delivery.

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    There are a few other sites that haven't been mentioned yet too. The ones I use mostly are Allanda, they are cheap for Tena Slip Maxi and have free shipping. In addition there is Medisave, who have a wide range of delivery options, which can be very useful if your aren't in often during the day (i.e. they do Saturday deliveries etc.) Another one is BM Supplies, who supply different nappies to some of the others.

    I hope these are helpful.

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    thanks Jon, I'll check them out

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    Has any of you guys ever ordered from dorset-nursing before? If so, whats the delivery like?

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    Quote Originally Posted by anna s View Post
    Has any of you guys ever ordered from dorset-nursing before? If so, whats the delivery like?
    I havent personally, but I do know another furry who orders from them exclusively. I can always ask him if its any help?

    I ordered from Allanda on wednesday and they arrived today. not bad at 20.63 (inc. shipping) for 21 tena slip maxi's

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    Another plus for Allanda here. Discrete packaging and prices are okay (now that the bad exchange rate makes importing from Save in Germany expensive).

    Most the others aren't discrete. Hartmann ships with their name plastered all over the box and I think their use their own vans from what I remember so rather obvious who they are.

    Other than that, everything I've bought usually comes from SaveExpress in Germany, but as I say it's working out expensive now. They do have a vast array of brands from all over Europe, very discrete service, and are pretty much TB/AB/DL aware.

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    I order direct from abena's UK office. Abena.
    I usually telephone my order and I have signed a VAT exemption form with them so everything comes VAT free.

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