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Thread: A question for the older members

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    Default A question for the older members

    Just had a question for the older members. When was the first time you got diapers?

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    Well, I'll post because technically I'm older than you...but don't call me old! (j/k)

    I first got diapers probably when I was 18 or 19 (I'm 24 now). I don't remember what made me think to try them, but it was the most thrilling experience both buying them (the older style goodnites) and wetting one for the first time, while standing in the bathtub .

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    Default My first time

    I have never really been out of them to long so I cant really tell ya that. My first time I actually bought them myself was around 13 when I was able to ride my bike to the store finally. I went and bought them myself and then told my mother I didnt need them anymore, that way she would think I had stopped bedwetting. I was re-discovered around 17 ish when my mother used my car to go to work and stopped to get groceries on the way home and opened the trunk to see my attends in there. I had to come clean but all she was really mad at me for was lying... I am 28 now.
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    I think I was 13, I was around 15 when I got adult diapers though.

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    I'm 20.

    I stole my first package when I was 11 or 12.

    (Diapers made me a criminal.)

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    I was twelve the first time I used a diaper since toilet training. Fourteen when I got my first package.

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    I think that I was about 12/13 at the time... possibly younger. I used to ride my bicycle to the local department stores and rip packages open to steal single diapers. I would typically stuff the individual diaper down my jeans or into my coat then run to the bathroom and put it on in there. Typically I would stay there for long enough to pee in it and then take it off and leave. Later I gained the courage to actually leave the bathrooms while wearing the diapers and would walk around the shopping area in one under my jeans.

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    See, just in this topic a lot of members have admitted shoplifting diapers. Think about the embarrassment and consequences had store security caught you shoplifting. Add the fact it was diapers and consider the potential headlines.

    This is just one of the reasons at WKLD we encouraged parents to buy diapers for kids and teens who want them. At least this will prevent a juvenile criminal record and might prevent the infantilist thinking stealing is okay.

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    I guess most of you would consider me as being one of the older ones at 44.
    I started getting diapers when I was about 10. My parents would babysit for family and some friends when I was growing up and I would take diapers out of the diaper bags. Then when I started babysitting, I would always take some home with me. I didn't buy my first pack until I was about 16 when I got my first car. Now I have to make sure I don't run out other wise I will be changing wet pants and that isn't fun.

    It's easier to change a wet diaper than wet pants.

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    I took some from a younger cousin when I was ~6.

    That's the first memory I have of wanting them and I've wanted to wear them ever since.

    I bought my first package, Depends belted undergarments (I didn't know it was the 'briefs' that I wanted, yet) when I was 16 after I got my driver's license.

    I've never stolen diapers from the store, but have snuck a few from other places.

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