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    Hey everyone,

    I just realised I never posted a proper introduction here - shame on me !
    Not that I am that active on posting stuff on forums, I'm more of a reader myself :-)

    Anyways, I'm 35, male, handsome (of course !), friendly guy.
    Oh, and I'm from Holland (yeah near Amsterdam I guess )
    Always "had" something with diapers. Late in potty training (daytime I'd say about 4), and night time wetter up to about age 7 or 8.
    I've been in and out of diapers during these first years of my life, my parents really tried to get me PT'd, I can remember at least a few docter's visits when I was little.
    Not that I liked wetting or wearing diapers at that time - I'd say I was more embarressed than happy with the situation..

    Had some stress-related wetting accidents later on (nighttime) during the period my parents divorced when I was 11-12, but no diapers at that time.
    The longing for wearing diapers might have something to do with me wanting to have a proper childhood or something, I dunno.
    I've spend too much time looking back already, it's just who I am.

    I'm not an AB, maybe just a bit TB (a bit crazy or careless at times )and don't wear diapers every day, just when I'm in the proper mood and want to have some "me-time".

    Hope to post more here soon, any quezzies just lemme know !

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    Hey Plasgoot; Welcome!

    ...I think you would be an AB actually because you're 35, not a TB. Just a thought...

    Hope to see ya in the forums : )

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    When you're in Holland, everything is close to Amsterdam !
    I'm from Utrecht, actually.

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    Hello Plasgoot, good to have more people from non-English as a first language countries. Welcome aboard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Plasgoot View Post
    When you're in Holland, everything is close to Amsterdam !
    I'm from Utrecht, actually.
    That's why I asked :P

    I'm from IJmuiden. (for those who don't know, where the noordzeekanaal flows into the sea)

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    Hey Plasgoot,

    Welcome to ADISC! Sounds like we're in the same demographic, 35 Male & DL, that's pretty cool.

    While I've been all around Holland (Belgium, Germany, Sweden) I've never actually been there. Maybe someday I'll make it there, as all the people I've met that come from Holland have been pretty nice.

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