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    Default Flash Drive Problems

    I just got a flash drive, and I thought I would create an invisible folder in it. Once I did, and tried to delete it, It refuses.

    The folder is read-only, and I can't un-toggle that.
    It has no name, can't change that either.
    What can I do?

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    Try reformatting. Your flash drive is probably FAT which is picky about weird characters such as the one used in the invisible folder trick. (I think that's the non-breaking space but Im not sure). Your hard drives are NTFS which isn't.

    FAT and NTFS are types of file systems.

    EDIT: Im not saying you should format to NTFS, just explaining why it happened.
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    I thought Fat 32 or Fat 16 were normal for flash drives and flash memory.

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    I formated mine to journaled... Needed to install my pirated OSs some how.... Haha...
    Now it's FAT 32 again, but it doesn't free up space when files on it are trashed.
    Ex: 3.5 gig file is taking up almost half of the space... Delete! Then I don't get the space back, but the files disapear.... Any advice?

    Oops.... Sorry to hijack the thread a little..... No need to answer my question.....

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    If you're using OS X, or if your OS works like OS X when it comes to this. Don't forget to empty your trash/recycle bin after removing the files. It's an embarrassingly easy thing to forget about that put me in the same situation. Failing to do so takes up space on the drive without showing any files even if it's been ejected.

    If all else fails, reformat.

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    Try posting computer-related discussions in the "Computers and Games"-forum. As opposed to your desired folder, it is not invisible.

    In other words: Thread moved!


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    Most large flash drives honestly should be formatted NTFS these days, unless you're planning to use it with Linux. In that case, FAT32. But I always format new flash drives with drives NTFS as soon as I get them. It's a better file system. It's more resistant to data corruption and performs better.

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