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Thread: Another thing that's awesome, blankies...

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    Default Another thing that's awesome, blankies...

    Not sure about this but I thought I would post on blankies. To me they are as awesome as teddy bears, although I prefer my stuffed killer whales over a teddy bear. I've got two I sleep with, and one that acts as a mid-comforter under my comforter on my bed.

    My first blankie is the one I've had since I was a baby, the second one is a quilt my aunt made for me as a comforter on my bed when I was growing up. I recently got the quilt back when my folks moved out of state. Anyone else think blankies are as awesome as teddy bears and stuffed animals.

    I was thinking about this when I saw the teddy bear post. Sorry if I am stealing anyone's thunder. lol.


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    Yea, blankies are the most awesome thing ^^. I used to have a couple blankies from when I was little, but then my mom threw them away . Now I just make my own blankies.

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    I got my birth one back last week, its been round my sister, my cousin and his daughter and found its way back to my mum, I pinched it for "my feet" the other night in the livingroom as they were cold and its been sitting on my bed since ^_^

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    I love blankies
    I have a few ones; one that I've had since I was a baby that my grandma made, and one that I got for a Build-A-Bear baby I made, but I kept the blanket to myself xD;

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    Hrm... I've never had a blankie as far as I can remember. I do, however, enjoy the company of a good plushie.

    P.S. I think I prefer plushies because they have more personality and life to them, albeit imaginary.

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    i dont have a blanket as such but i have 3 things that i hold dear that are like blankets to me ,
    1. my baby duvet, since i was born in the middle if a scotish winter a meare blanket would have been a tad lightweight so i have a douvet instead, its square blue and white striped and has a train on it it holds many memorys of my baby and toddelerhoods.
    2. my sleeping bag, ive had this since i was about 7. i cant remember why i got it, who got me it or where it came from, but its been on my bed ever since, its a nice weight not to light not to hot - just right nice and cozy. ive hade other bags that have came and gone but this one still remains my fave
    3. my hooded zipper, a nike item i got fae tkmaxx - so ill probibly never find another one like it - its like wearing a blanket soft and fluffy and cozy like being in my bag, i wear it so much its like my own little uniform, ive taken tt round the world with me - and its only ever been washed once - like a real blanket, well almost

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    Quote Originally Posted by WildThing121675 View Post
    To me they are as awesome as teddy bears, although I prefer my stuffed killer whales over a teddy bear.
    Speaking of your killer whales are you able to fill up your bathtub with them yet? :P

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    Yeah, I love blankies too, though I have a hard time comparing them with plushies, because they kind of have different effects and purposes in my opinion. I guess they're roughly equal for me. In any case, the dominant baby thing in my life after my toddler years was my baby blanket named Boo-Boo, which I had until I was about 12. By this point, it was basically a rag, so I felt the need to retire it. I miss it though. I kind of have a replacement blanket, but it just doesn't quite compare.

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