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Thread: @people who use random Japanese (to the internet in general)

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    Default @people who use random Japanese (to the internet in general)

    I hate all of you, seriously.

    Why use a Japanese word, and then write the translation right fucking next to it? If you know the language, that's fine, but then actually write a sentence in Japanese.

    How does using the Japanese word bolster your point at all? Do you think you're cool or different because you can use some 日本語 mid sentence? (This is on purpose, as a joke, so help me if someone points that out...)

    You're not Japanese, you're never going to go to Japan and be accepted because you know a handful of phrases, just stop doing it.

    I take a Japanese class at my school, I have to deal with fuckwits who address each other with -chan and -kun already, and actually have to hear them mispronounce Japanese words mid-sentence, during an ENGLISH sentence.

    I'm writing this at 5:30 A.M. and will probably regret this in the, afternoon.

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    I can tolerate it more than txt speak or 1337 sp33k but it's still stupid. Makes me kind of reluctant to learn the Language because then people will think that I've fallen into the jap/chink emo-thing group. I would actually like to visit the place sometime.

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    Summary of people who do what OP is talking about:

    Quote Originally Posted by Fallen View Post

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lukie View Post
    Summary of people who do what OP is talking about:
    Unlike these fuckwits, I intend to actually learn the language.. not read YuGiOh cards and use Google Translate. I'd love to become fluent and expose these idiots' stupidity by telling them what they're actually saying.

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    I think this ties in well with the whole "zomg narutoooo yaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh" anime craze that's been going on the past few years. If you all don't know by my constant IRC rants about it every now and again, know that I absolutely hate all things anime/manga/bs. And I'll also say that if you like it, all the power to you, just 1.) don't hate me for not liking it, because I don't hate you for doing so, and 2.) for the love of God do NOT try the "just watch it, you'll like it" act because that won't fly either .

    Apparently it's cool these days to look at a bunch of poorly-drawn low-frame cartoons with random plots in them, running around with wood on their feet and fighting crime with nosehairs, whilst at the same time yelling at the top of their lungs screaming some unknown word/phrase for 30 seconds straight. Then the day after, going to school and talking to each other like the characters in the cartoon. "OH hai steve-son ohhhhh!"

    Thar I said it.

    ... I'm so done with fads. So much for teenage years.

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    Dobrż den (Good day for those of you who lacked the foresight to learn Czech)

    I am writing to you today to discuss the topic of randomly inserting words in different Sprachen (languages, just in case you donít speak German), in especial the case of 日本語 (thatís Japanese if you canít read it) and the fan boy relationship some people seem to have with the language.

    As far as I can tell, it holds a number of propůsitos (purposes, learn Spanish dammit). For one thing, it indicates to different people of the same group that they are from the same group. The fact they siriad (speak in gallois (which is Welsh in French)) random Japanese words indicates to each other ďOMG, we have same interests, letís fuckĒ.

    It is also used to make people feel piccolo (Italian for klein, petit, small and so on) by saying ďOoh look at what I knowz! U donít know it? U iz da fucktardĒ. It is people showing off, and in effect actually showing how little they уметь (know, like how you should know Russian). Japanese is used because it is the cool culture du jour (yes, you can actually say that one in English) for emos, geeks and other misfits.

    It is normal for Sprachen (Iíve already used that one, havenít I?) to pick up words and phrases from over languages c.f du jour. However, randomly inserting sanat (Finnish is a really interesting language, donít you know) just to pretend you can speak a language isnít that. And it isnít really learning a language so that you can używasz (use, see Polish) it. You donít look big, or clever, you just look like an idiot. You are pretending to be part of a culture you are not, and using words from a language you donít really know Ė when the mode of communication for everyone else you are trying to talk too is English.

    If trying to talk in English, why not use Ö English!

    --- luier taalkundige (diaper linguist Ö or at least something like that Ö my dutch dictionary isnít that good)

    Talking in English - it is natural for langauges to develop and change. It is natural for them to have redundency. Languages are fluid, they constantly change, they lose words and gain new ones. But the point of language is to communicate. By putting in random words from a different language that most people won't understand without translation, you are not facilitating communication. That isn't how words get borrowed from different languages. And until recently, it isn't how people got information across.

    Whatever your purpose for doing it, it probably won't work. It doesn't make it look like you come from that culture. It doesn't make you look intelligent. It doesn't even make you look like you know the language. To be honest, it makes you look like you are full of yourself, pretending to be something you aren't ... and most people probably think you are just using a dictionary.

    Why not, instead of doing this, put some real effort in, go to an evening class, and actually learn Japanese. That would actually be impressive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fire_lupine06 View Post
    Generalize much?
    I don't see generalization in the thread. The thread starter referred to a group people that all act the same, which is totally true... Why would a person who knows a whole language or doesn't just want to show-off his/her non-existent skills use a word mid-sentence that doesn't pertain to the language being used in the sentence.

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    No offense meant really, but I do view this topic as rather pointless (and no that's not what I said at all.) Also it seems that babblefish can't correctly translate. so.... it was "Cry Some Moar."

    In any case this is just like guitar players crying over Guitar Hero players. :P

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