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Thread: Earth Hour, did you participate?

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    Default Earth Hour, did you participate?

    So tonight(March 28th) at 8:30, many cities and families turned off their lights for one hour.

    I'm not exactly sure on the exact definition of it, but it's basically a statement to represent people that care about the world and stuff. Basically you were supposed to turn out ALL un-necessary lights(everything except like traffic lights for cities and stuff) and sit and have a nice little chat about the future or just some nice little family time.

    Did you do it?

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    I usually have the lights off, so yeah, I guess so.

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    I absolutely participated.

    As I typically consume energy in an efficient fashion, I decided to become involved in "Earth Hour".

    I turned on my television, toaster, microwave, computers, portable heater, lights, outside heating element, and would have run the washing machine if I'd had clothes to put into it.

    Were I a criminal, I'd have chosen this hour to strike, as many places had reduced or lowered lighting.

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    Damn, logic bunny, didn't think of that. You are one smart cookie! (Er...bunny)

    I was going to. I was watching TV, and I completely forgot about it. Although, we did turn off alot of our lights, completely unrelated, for quite some time. Does that count?

    --The Silent Assassin--

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    Nope. But had I remembered, I'd have turned on every light in the house as a big "Screw you!" to the lie that is global warming.

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    I didn't know about this but I did leave my apartment today and my bf was asleep because he works graveyard. Does that count?

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    I'll tell you what, since I missed it, I will shut off everything in my house right now for 8 hours to make up for it. Sound fair? Good.

    Oh yeah, one more thing:

    Good night!

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    Didn't even hear about it once in the past month.

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    Nope, I Didn't Forget, Its Not That I Couldn't, Nor Just Couldn't Be Bothered, I Had No Bloody Clue!

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