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    I look at your channel from time to time and genuinely find your content entertaining and informative.

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    I actually rather enjoy editing. Was one of the more enjoyable parts back when I used to do youtube. I would always be messing around trying new things to make my videos stand out more and be more entertaining. Sadly, I no longer have the internet connection to be able to continue doing youtube, which is the main reason I stopped.

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    I would sacrifice alot for what I believe ;-)


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    Yeah, I understand that editing can definitely be a pain in the ass from time to time. I'm not sure which software you're using or if it's just general trouble editing, or if there's one certain effect you're having trouble with. But either way, you'll make it through this.

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    I'm not sure if this is what you are looking for, but, you are not nothing you do something with your life that makes a small sub-section of people feel validated and more comfortable with who they are because they know they are not alone. Myself included in that statement. You are brave for putting yourself out there and trying not to care about judgement from those around you. I honestly envy that, my husband knows but I don't know if I could really let anyone else know the full extent of my behavior and you have put it on national TV. You are creative and we all want you to keep doing what you are doing and being a sane voice in an area where there is so much misunderstanding. You do have a cheering section.

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    Well if it's cheering you need I've got one for you

    Rah. Rah Ree
    Kick 'Em in the knee

    Rah, Rah Rass
    Kick 'Em in the...other knee!!!

    GOOOOOOOOOO Mitchy!!!

    If you get tired of editing, you could always release the raw footage and call it the "Producer's Cut".

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    I can help! :3

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