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Thread: What does my dad know?

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    Default What does my dad know?

    I came back from my walk and I use a backpack to dispose of dirty diapers unknown to my dad and his girlfriend, when I came back he was asking about the blocked toilet, he wanted to know if I put something down it I shouldn't of done.

    I take it out a lot and he wanted to know where I put the rubbish, how did he know I get rid of rubbish in it?! Does he know I dispose of diapers?! He thinks I am getting rid of my sanitary towels or something in them but if that was the case, I wouldn't use a backpack for that!

    Should I be worried? Do you think he knows and is choosing to accept it? He still asks if I need the toilet before he goes to the bathroom though. He says he doesn't miss anything, and he doens't, so is there a chance he knows about my diapers?

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    It sounds like he may know about your diapers. He could have found out in many different ways but it seams like he doesn't want to be confrontational about it.

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    honestly, I would be surprised at this point if he does not. really really really really surprised.

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    What we are trying to say is we think there is a 95% chance your dad knows.

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    Why are you so convinced he knows, tell us the reason!

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    He just thinks I am throwing lady products away

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    He's never confronted me in a aggressive or been trying to figure out what's in there

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    hey angelic, I would not worry too much at the moment.

    In regards to why we are saying he already knows, I cant say that I can go back through all your threads, but i know that I have given you my reasonings for him knowing about the situation a few times. one of which was before you went to your nanas.

    the biggest most simple reason for why he knows:

    hes your father, he has been worried about you recently, and as i said before its not unusual for parents to "check up" on their children by looking into their belongings. I believe that you are keeping your nappies in the closet in a bag? hidden? that is a classic go to place to look for hidden things.

    I'll see what I can dig up from past posts, i'm sorry my memory fails me at the moment, I know I walked away from my last long post in one of your threads 90% sure the cat was already out of the bag.

    I don't think the toilet clogging issue is what gave you away

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    Which one? Do you think my dad is either choosing to ignore, he knows and accepts it as something I like so he won't confront it, he talks to me that he 100% will support me, he never mentioned anything about nappies or baby stuff, he says he only wants the best for me and he says that him and his girlfriend are behind me all the way. Do you think this is anything to worry about if you think he knows and accepts it, because if he didn't he WOULD tell me about it!

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    I keep my nappies under some towels and bedding in my room, he has reason to belive that's just bedding

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    If you look at what you wrote it one by one;

    1) you said "He thinks I am getting rid of my sanitary towels or something in them but if that was the case, I wouldn't use a backpack for that!"

    It sounds like by this he know you are trying to hide something which gets people wanting to know what.

    2) "He still asks if I need the toilet before he goes to the bathroom though."

    If this is new then he probably thinks you are having incontinence issues.

    3) "He says he doesn't miss anything, and he doesn't"

    It sounds like he always is looking into things. I

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    heres a link to one of the threads where I touched on them knowing

    I think he has done his own research and knows you are not hurting yourself, I think he sees it as an extension of coping mechanisms.
    I think your father has the tact not to make you feel too uncomfortable on the topic, and is not bringing it up.
    It is entirely possible that we on the internet are wrong, that he does not know. to be honest your the best judge of that right now.

    Going ONLY off of what you have shared on the forums, I think he knows, and I dont think you need to address it directly, unless you want too. I think if he had any major concerns he would bring them up to you

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