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Thread: god damn parents.

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    Default god damn parents.

    I've gotten to the point i'm literally about to go around kicking some windows in.

    My dad thinks he can do whatever the hell he wants and invade my privacy, yesterday when i was sitting in a diaper, (with my blinds closed so you couldn't see it) he was walking around the outside of my room tapping on my walls, trying to open my door and my window trying to break his way in.

    now he has bought a fucking lock pick set, and is threatening to break his way into my room whenever, not only is it annoying, I was practically watching porn.

    My door is shit as well, so if you nudged it enough it would most likely fling open, so yeah i'm getting so sick of this bullshit.

    Not only is that bad, is he fucking gets the kids to come outside, and encourages them to bloody try to kick my door down. It's awkward as fuck as i'm sitting there in fucking silence, try to take of my diaper and put on some clothes.

    This itself puts a lot of mental stress on me, because whenever i open the door he "tries to budge his way in there" to the point i can't even have my fucking window open to cool myself down.

    The worst part about it, is that alone is driving my suicidal thoughts, if anyone finds out i'm literally jumping in front of a train, i don't give too shits, that's how serious this is for me. I don't think anyone understands the fucking strain both my parents put on me.

    I'm so fucking sick of this bullshit words can't explain how fucked off I am right now.

    Worst part is, they think they can do whatever they fucking want, and kick me out onto the street, not only that, they expect me to do so fucking much, like literally go to the shop 20 fucking times a day, I wouldn't have a problem with that if I wasn't in a room that is literally killing me.

    Right now i'm so dehydrated, i've got the worst headache ever, just staying in here so he won't budge his fucking way in, already feeling like i'm going to fucking pass out, I am so sick of this room, like really sick of it.

    i wouldn't mind going to the shop, if 1. it wasn't 40 fucking degrees, 2. If i wasn't dehydrated to the point it's practically going to start doing damage to my body.

    Just being in here is fucking killing me, literally. I have the worst headache from dehydration, and my mouth is literally dried out.

    i've been up for days, I'm actually on caffeine pills because of how hot this room is, i'm kind of forced to stay away due to this heat, I can't even lay down for 5 minutes, without my bed being soaked in sweat. (and that's 3AM in the fucking morning)

    I'm sick of it, my body is actually itching, and my hair is practically soaked in my own sweat.

    worst part is, I can't even go to the fucking shop, without my mother being all fucking over me, honestly I've never thought i'll say this, but she is a annoying bitch, I'm sick of her. as soon as i come back from the shop SHE ALWAYS OPENS THE DOOR AND LOOKS to see what I got, I always have to tell her to fuck off, and go away.

    This morning, I had to wake up at 8'o clock to get fucking bread and milk, again, keep in mind i've been bathing in my sweat for days, and stink very badly, she sends me over, and not my sister, so I make a coffee, she is practically standing there judging how i make my coffee, saying i put in too much sguar or coffee, I tell her to fuck off and leave me alone, so I go have my coffee, she fucking calls me just after I sit down, i told her to fuck off and wait until after I have my coffee before I do anything.

    Than she makes out that i've been treating her like shit for no reason, bitch you're the whole reason I'm in $1,400 in debt, and the whole reason I'm suicidal, me telling you to fuck off, is barely anything compared to that.

    The worst part is, she waits until I sit down, to CALL me, it's the most annoying thing in the god damn world, can't even sit down for 5 minutes without her pestering me.

    Not only do they both invade my privacy, they open my mail, and better yet go blaming the kids for it, right after asking me, why do you have $X in your bank.

    At one point, she did take my "bank card off me" not realising I've got like 2, so I eventually snuck it back off her, she knew my pin and everything so I had to change it.

    Better yet, if I get a job, she wants all my money, so yeah I think it's best i get out of this shit whole.
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    WTF??? That's just crazy...

    Get away as soon as you can. *hugs* In the interim, don't feel bad about being a bit nasty to your parents. IMO, they've earned it.

    I don't know what else I can say. That's just ridiculous on so many levels. I'm a bit stunned.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sapphyre View Post
    WTF??? That's just crazy...

    Get away as soon as you can. *hugs* In the interim, don't feel bad about being a bit nasty to your parents. IMO, they've earned it.

    I don't know what else I can say. That's just ridiculous on so many levels. I'm a bit stunned.
    Yeah that's not only the worst part, my mother lets the dog out, and it ends up barking for 3+ hours, so I end up having to stay up all night to let a fucking dog in, when my mother could be doing and stop letting it out.

    I'm sick of staying up until 4am every night to let my god damn sister in (and the dog), from whatever the hell she was doing at that time of night, better yet the worst part about it, is I also have to feed the dog and give it water, and I end up forgetting because not only does this room fuck with my memory, all the shit i have to do I end up forgetting about the dog.

    And since my room is "badly made" you can practically hear everything i do from outside my room, and the other way around. I even hear birds fly ontop of my room, no form of "privacy at all"

    I'll explain how fucking annoying she is for example, lets say it's bin night, as soon as she hears the gate, she lets the dog out, so not only do I have to take the bins out, I end up having to chase a dog down the street 6 fucking times because she keeps letting the god damn dog out when I've got the gate wide open because i'm taking the bin out, thinking i'm going to the shop. Same thing happens when any packages come, she either lets the dog out, or sends me to the shop or to take my brother to school, so she can sign for it and try open it...

    Don't forget they also go though my rubbish..... literally whenever I clean my room, the first thing my dad does, is grabs his knife, cuts open the bag and sorts it.. even though it's fucking rubbish. (because he thinks he is gonna find a fucking drill or some bullshit)

    Oh and with them "everything is the internets fault" been up for 3 days because of the heat, must be the internet, oh you're vomiting out blood, "internet" clumsily "internet" barely able to walk "internet". (they didn't even take the fact I vomited out blood seriously, made out I was faking it) and made out i was faking my ucler and the heat stroke, EVEN THOUGH I NEEDED FUCKING BLOOD TESTs, my parents are fucking stupid. I guess my doctor was in on the whole conspiracy, damn doctors these days.

    I wouldn't be surprised if my foot was swollen and he blamed my computer for it, i've had numerous lung infections a while back, and guess what he blamed for it... that's right being on the computer all day... that's his logic right there.

    Even was forced to go to school with the flu, parents made out I was up all night on the computer, even though I was struggling just to stand up. only person who knew I was fucking sick were the teachers.

    eh sorry this is really bothering me.
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    Oh, wow...

    OK, so I don't normally advocate for being difficult or a PITA...

    The way you're being treated makes me so angry I can scarcely respond to this. The short version: your parents are asking for it. They get what they get. Maybe start sorting through THEIR trash? Or maybe disallow them from discarding any prior to your approval? Two can play that game...

    I'm sorry you're going through this. *hugs*

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    I noticed you said your on caffeine pills because of the Heat but I will tell you as someone who's lived in a desert most of my life dealing with anything from 90 to 130 degree temperatures on a regular basis in extreme heat caffeine will make you feel ten times worse and if you overdo it it can kill you through dehydration until you get this sorted out it probably be wise to lay off the coffee and get more water.

    Can you not stay with a friend?

    Or record your parents Behavior and then hold it over their head with their friends?

    As for the money issues how about get a and a new bank account and only list the po box for address . if they don't know you have another mailing address they can't get into your mail

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    Wow you sure like to swear a lot. I get the emotional level you're feeling but that's just excessively showing a lack of intelligence here.

    And seriously, why are you still living there if you hate it so much?

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