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Thread: What ABDLs things do you have?

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    Default What ABDLs things do you have?

    In other words show off your stash! I have a big collection of pacis, a couple rattles, teether, teething keys, stacking and nesting blocks, a shape sorter, a couple wooden jigsaws, a baby doll which makes noises, a couple barbie dolls, a small collection cars including toddler ones!, trainset, Lego, duplo, wooden blocks, playdough, kids jigsaws, a messy art box, colouring books and craft supplies, a bopit, a baby book, story books, activity and sticker books, hair accessories, ballpit balls, at the moment about 27-28 pampers with boosters, pampers chnage mats, little angels Asda brand sensitive wipes, j&j baby powder, baby oil, lotion, bed time bubble bath, baby wash, baby flannels which are so soft!, baby feeding spoons and a bib I made a long neck bit on, I am also in the process of making onesies and a sleeper that I havn't finished yet!

    I will show pictures after!

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    I only have diapers and powder, a bottle, some play sand, two pacis and stuffies, basically.

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    Diapers, two pacifiers, I don't have any baby toys. But i do have a lot, and i do mean a lot of plushies and stuffed animals.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	28337 My baby toys, need to get more at some point, I want one of those ring stackers next or a busy box

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    I have 2 Hello Kitty Pacifiers, one of them is an adult one. I have a pink bottle. Baby powder, cloth diaper from Rearz, Hello Kitty PVC pants. I think that is really all I could consider AB/DL stuff.

    To me, things like Legos and plushies are too broad and many adults collect them ... so I don't see it as something I could consider specifically AB/DL. Same with certain toys like Rubik's Cubes. Then of course I also have tons of Hello Kitty stuff, and while it may be a bit childish, again many adults like Hello Kitty I think ... so not too unsual really.

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    Being old!

    I've got lots of stuff! Lots from Craigslist!

    I just got a snug seat carseat that's rated to 120#....I can nearly fit but not quite! It's a special needs seat! Free!

    Got lots of stuff, crib, convaid cx-18 stroller (adult) which I use, diapers, bottles, pacis, etc...and some toys!

    So, on the cheap, check out Craigslist!

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    I have about half a pack of DC amor diapers and a few girls goodnights, 2 pacis, 2 plushies, a bottle, and a footed sleeper. I don't have any baby toys but I would like to get some though.

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    I have a bunch of abu diapers, girls goodnites, a onesie, 3 footed sleepers, a few pacis, some baby bottles and a plastic sheet on my mattress

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