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Thread: hello... and new story The Argument 1 - Learning my place posted

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    Default hello... and new story The Argument 1 - Learning my place posted

    hi everyone,

    i'm new to adisc but not to abdl,bdsm and so on. i've posted a story in the forum's finished stories area called The Argument 1 - Learning my place. if you read it, let me know what you think of it. if you like it, there's a couple more chapters.


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    Welcome! Wow, you already have a story? Impressive!

    Enjoy the site.

    --The Silent Assassin--

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    greetings all,

    well the story i posted caused some sort of storm, with a few folks calling for it to be deleted... and so it was.

    given the nature and wording of some of the complaints, i would have deleted it myself since it was never intended to offend anyone. i note that my "Reputation" has gone to -2. quite an achievement with one posted story.

    i'm not insulted by the story being killed. i *am* curious what the website is about - and so will read more and contribute more slowly.

    best to all


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    Joy that your initial flurry of -rep didn't discourage you. You are our poster-child for the new and improved policy of not jumping up and down on newbies who, being foreign, with ways unlike our own, make one false step and say "Hello to oblivion!"

    Keep posting... there are other plastic pants enthusiasts here somewhere

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