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Thread: If you had to choose one or the other...

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    Default If you had to choose one or the other...

    Would you choose to (A) become completely incontinent and diaper dependent (urine only) or would you choose to (B) give up the desire to wear diapers all together?

    Obviously this is purely hypothetical because there's no way you could really choose either path, but given these only two options, what would you choose?

    There is no choice C in this hypothetical situation.

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    Truthfully, I'd choose B. I'd rich rather give it up than become completely incontinent.

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    B. I doubt most would want to be incontinent with no way to ever not be. Diapered for 24 hours straight is enough for me. I could give it up if I had to (but would rather not, so glad this choice was hypothetical).

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    I am going to have to go with B. While, I think it would suck to never wear diapers again, not having the desire would make it pretty easy to do so.
    Being IC ... absolutely not. It's not fun when you have no control over it. I hate just having no control with the bedwetting thing. I am actually quite fearful of having daily IC that is uncontrollable to a degree that I would need to wear 24/7.

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    I'm already incontinent (A). I wear for need, not desire, so (B) is irrelevant. So I choose (C) Not need diapers all together

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    Neither option holds appeal for me but I'd rather not have a disability. Giving up the desire would be the least bad option as I see it.

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