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    I had a scary close call when I was staying at my nana and grandads, first of all I use baby diapers and cut the sides of used drynites to make straps that would fit around my waist along with a incontience pad to make it absorb better, so much I can use 2-3 wettings!

    So I packed my diapers but I forgot th staples and stapler, (I don't use the sharp bits on the inside, they look like baby diapers made for adults in the end)

    So first off, I put my bags in the room I was going to be in, they were in the suitcase and nana, pointed out she had emptied a cupboard for my things, worst of all, she went to unpack my bag for me!! Oh, I literally felt sick to my stomach, I was so scared! But I quickly said "oh, no you make yourself a cup of tea, I can do that no problem!" I think she got a bit suspicious because I literally jumped in front of her!

    So I unpacked my bag but luckily, I had brought my laptop case and a bag of toys, so I put the bags down the sides of a bag and placed half the diapers in the laptop case and half in the toy bag, later she came in and said "are you sure you are packed?!' You can put them in here to get them out of the way, since I don't like bags down the sides of the bed on show" she picked up my suitcase that I had unpacked and placed it in the wardrobe. I shoved all the bags in the wardrobe bu by this time I physically couldn't eat and worst of all, I couldn't change my diaper I had wet and it started to smell on me, I had brought bags so I tripple bagged it and hoped it wouldn't smell for the 3 days I would be there for! I couldn't dispose of it either because I enouced i was going for a walk and nana said she would come with me! And she did! On the last visit there I had mentioned to nana that I play with toys, so I explained I felt funny about her looking through my bags because I had brought toys, which I had anyway, the diapers were hidden underneath the toys! That got rid of the suspicion at least!

    That night I was so wound up, I actually found an overhead cupboard above the bed so I could place them in there, but I was scared they would go into the cupboards for something and find my bags and think they were theirs! And imagine them seeing the diapers and toys and throwing them away thinking their baby days are over! They didn't but I don't think I will be taking diapers there again! I didn't expect my nana to be so nosy! Thank god she just thinks I brought toys and accepts that as a valid excuse why I would be funny about her going through my bags, worst of they are baby diapers with prints and you can't mistake them for medical incontience wear!

    So I didn"t get caught but last time I went there, I was only there for a few hours so I hid my diaper bag in their bathroom cupboard where they keep their toilet rolls, I made sure there was enough toilet roll so they didn't have to go in there! That was easy enough but keeping that up for 3 days was nerve wreaking! I just kept the diapers in the bags as I couldn't change because without the extenders I can't fit into them!

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    What about your stories? Do you have any close calls?

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    My parents are divorced and I go between houses still, and unlike my mom, my dad doesn't know. A couple of months ago he had me do some major room-cleaning at his house, and he opened my closet's sliding door when I had some of my diapers buried under the mess in there. I can't believe he didn't go through some of the things I had in there. Doing so would have caused him to find out for sure. And then after he was gone I transferred those diapers to a backpack of mine that I take between houses and that I knew my dad wouldn't search. I also use baby/youth diapers, including Goodnites (as they're called here in America).

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    That was lucky, I make sure I know in advance if something like that is going to happen so I can take diapers and other ba stuff out and put them in a temporary safe place until the coast is clear!

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    Ya, it can be pretty tough with these type of things. Family tends to always be like that. They never really consider that you would have anything that would need to be hidden from them. Which to a degree, is kind of true for most people. We as AB/DL tend to have more issues with people going through our things because we have something to hide. While the majority of people, while it may annoy them a bit, the worst that tends to happen to them is a porno mag or condoms are found. There really is no in depth explaining that is needed for such things being found lol.

    See for me, anytime I go somewhere where I am not certain about things, I simply do not bring that sort of stuff with me. Doing so is like setting yourself up to be caught. Truthfully, I wouldn't even bring toys. I would simply find other things to do. I learn to adapt and just deal with what I have to for the time. Those things are not going anywhere and they will be where I left them when I return home.

    Also, I think it's a good opportunity to take a break every now and again from my AB/DL side. Knowing I can separate myself from these things gives me the confidence to know im not addicted and overly attached to these coping mechanisms. It allows me to know, that I can adult when I need to. If I am depressed or upset by not being around these material things for a short period of time to the point it's affecting me in a bad manner, that tells me there is something wrong and I need to try to fix that.

    Maybe it's because I'm easily able to recognize and admit problems I have, which I know most people don't do. I have the same sort of issue with people. I can become overly attached and heavily rely on them to a pretty extreme degree. They become my coping mechanism and if they are not around all the time, it can make me depressed, upset, angry .. etc. Symptoms of borderline personality disorder.

    I do try my best to avoid getting into these sort of situations.

    Anyway, that was a bit off topic I suppose but felt it was something I wanted to say.

    I have had many close calls myself. Although mainly with my immediate family (parents and siblings) and friends. Most of the close calls tend to come during moving with packing and unpacking things XD.

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    Crazy coincidence: I JUST got home, got cleaned up-and to address today's close-call, I got wrapped in 1 Prevail Breezer w/ 2 cloth baby diapers(unbelievably GREAT stuffers) inside the Prevail, and over that-an Abena M-4.
    The reason for this, is 1. I woke up to a wet bed wearing THREE cheap diapers, and today-thinking I gad enough protection-wore a Breezer and a Prevail Extended-Wear.
    I was dead wrong. I went out today with a gay freind(i'm not gay-not that there's anything wrong with it) all day. Chuck know's of what he considers my "fetish", but what he DOESN'T know is that I'm 24/7 incontinent.
    So when i realized my diapers were leaking really bad while riding in his car, i was beginning to freak out! I carefully slid my hand under my right cheak and held it there until he stopped at a store-HOPING(literarly praying) that the urine wouldn't seep through my fingers and on to his fabric car seat!
    We got to the store and i told him that i wanted to wait in the car. As SOON as he went inside, I carefully got out and hid my soaked rear with the car door while i removed my outer long-sleaved shirt and tied it around my waist.
    Then i found a plastic bag on the floor, put it on the seat and sat down. It didn't smell(luckily), but then he dragged me to the casino to pick up some of his kino winnings or something-and INSISTED that i go with inside!
    So i accompanied him praying that it doesn't leak down my legs; which it fortunetely didn't.
    Long story long, i made it home without noticably getting pee on his carseat(i DID get some urine on his seat though) OR getting found out, screamed at, and/or getting totally embarrassed by him or strangers seeing me in soaked pants and diapers-with no spare diapers to change into, of course! Big time close-call
    So the moral is: from now on, it's THICK, quality/premium diapers, diaper doublers(soakers) and last, but not least, decent plastic/vinyl panties, day AND night...sad lifestyle...

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    Our son and his family lives a couple miles from our house, so occasionally they just drop in. Several times I've had to run to my bedroom to change out of a wet diaper, etc. I also keep my diapers and such in a downstairs bedroom, and on several occasions, our son has come to the house when only my wife is home, looking for some such thing. I'm never sure if he's poked into that bedroom because it was his bedroom when he still lived at home. I know they've probably seen my plushies on our bed. Life is never simple.

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    Mine was from when I was about eighteen. I was wearing Certainty brand diapers (any who have tried them knows how thin they are). Because I wanted the feeling of thick padding, I had four of them on. So what happens is, I am asleep in my favorite PJs and was lying on my chest. My parents come home around 11:30 pm from a party they were at, partially waking me up. I thought they would just head to bed, but my mom came in to check on my. She sat down on the edge of my bed, rubbed my back and said we're home. As she gets up, she gave my rear a playful pat only to hear a resounding crinkle of the padding. For a moment, all the blood rushed from my face and I was so worried. Luckily she thought she was just hearing things, and as she leaves my bedroom, I hear her murmur "If only you were still my little baby." That moment is forever unforgettable in my mind.

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    Yeah my mother always says I was cute baby and how badly I was crying all the time and that she misses it at some point. I bet every mother at some point wishes their kid was a baby again... just imagine yourself telling her you're Abdl...she would have freaked out.(my would)

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    Well I did tell my mom I like wearing diapers. That I felt safe and happy when wearing them. For some reason she thought it was because I was trying to avoid accidents at night. I mean yeah, I had a history of nighttime accidents here and there, but I had literally been straight forward about it with her. That aside, she thinks i've stopped wearing (my bags of tykables say otherwise). But yeah she was 'okay' with it and even still hugged and kissed me afterwards.

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    I was sending an email on my phone and I ask my dad to type the email in and it shows my inbox, a couple come Adisc but thank god they only had the terms Babyfur written on it so he wouldn't of known what it was but he said i snatched it away so fast he couldn't read it! So I let the cat out of the bag which was showing something was wrong, I just said it wa junk mail!

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