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Thread: What does?

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    Default What does?

    Your Saturday night consist of? Mine is usually computer(games and internet) from about 10 AM to 1 AM and then bed time. It has been probably 30, maybe 70 weeks since I hung out with someone on a Saturday night.

    What about all of you?

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    More or less exactly like yours. However I don't think i've ever hung out with anybody on saturday night.

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    Lately cleaning house and preping for work. No more overtime so they have me take Friday off and work Sunday for streight time.

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    Used to be a whole lot of alcohol, loud music and stumbling home at 4am. Quite social, mind you. These days it's spent studying or just relaxing, not wanting to spend so much money.

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    Gaia Online
    and IMing people from 7:30Pm to 1:00AM

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    WOW you guys are a bunch of dorks.

    Just kidding! Mine, however, is WAY different than ANY of yours.

    7 PM: Eat
    7:45 -12:00: Do stuff on the computer, and watch T.V.
    12:00 AM: Sleepy time!
    Totally different...right?

    --The Silent Assassin--

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    Depends on the week really. If I don't have work I be partying it up, or if I do have work probably chill (bowling, movies, or something of that sort). Or if I feel lazy just watchin tv on the couch with my gf.

    Or like tonight... (gotta go shred up a new mountain I have never been too before), I am getting all my hw done that is due tomorrow before 5pm. See I wont be back before 5 tomorrow night so I gotta get it done tonight.

    I did see hauniting in conneticut though. Pretty good movie. :P


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    Video games mostly Steam bought games. TF2, Portal, Half-Life, AuidoSurf, Garry's Mod UT3, UT:2004, Bioshock etc.

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